The 99th Divorce Chapter 1040

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Has Yu Lili reconciled with Ou Ming? Shen Zhilie put down his phone and hung up. He then walked toward Yu Lili.

He glanced at Yu Lili and Ou Ming and said, “You…”

“We are going to get married.” Ou Ming held Yu Lili in his arms like it was a declaration of their love. He smiled as he look at Shen Zhilie and said, “Yu Lili has just accepted my proposal. You have no chance anymore, her fake boyfriend.”

Shen Zhilie’s expression suddenly changed. He turned his gaze on Yu Lili, who remained silent. He suddenly felt a little ridiculous and asked her, “Really?”

“Yes.” Yu Lili nodded and raised her hand to show him the ring Ou Ming had just put on her hand. “Really.”

Shen Zhilie glanced at the ring and thought it was actually quite dazzling. He still couldn’t believe she had accepted his proposal so easily. “Why have you agreed? He used to treat you so cruelly. How could you forgive him? He almost raped you in public…”

Yu Lili felt a sharp pain in her heart like it was being pierced.

Ou Ming’s face turned cold as he howled, “Shut up!”

“What I said is the truth. Ou Ming, do you think a man who treats his woman badly as you is worthy of her?” Shen Zhilie sneered. “Lili deserves a better man. I am that man.”

This was a problem that could not be easily solved between Ou Ming and Yu Lili. Ou Ming suddenly felt nervous. He stared at Yu Lili and tightened his hand on her palm. He was afraid.

Yu Lili clearly noticed his emotional changes. She raised her head to glance at him and then turned to Shen Zhilie and said, “But, you have lied to me. You know what I am afraid of. Ou Ming and Shen Manting haven’t married at all, but you told me that their wedding was very successful. Why did you lie to me?”

Shen Zhilie looked very calm and replied, “I don’t want you to marry him.”

With a gloomier face, Ou Ming sneered, “Master Shen, as a third party, you’re so righteous!”

Shen Zhilie seemed not to hear his words. He said to Yu Lili, “He is not worthy of your love. You have been loving him so deeply, but he has treated you badly. Don’t you feel that is unfair?” As he spoke, he stared at Yu Lili. Each of his words were concise but powerful. “When you suffered from sexual apathy, he didn’t stay with you. Otherwise, you would be cured now. The disease is not incurable. What you should do is adjust your psychological condition. However, he hasn’t helped you. Instead, he has said many sharp words to humiliate you. Can you bear that?”

“Shen Zhilie, shut up! That is a problem between us. It’s none of your business!” Ou Ming could barely hold in his anger.

“I’m her doctor, so I’m concerned with her disease,” Shen Zhilie seriously said as he stared at Yu Lili.

Ou Ming’s face grew angrier.

Since Shen Zhilie had been her psychologist and knew her clearly, he knew how much his words might influence her.

Holding Yu Lili’s hand, Ou Ming became flustered and whispered, “Don’t listen to him. He has harbored malicious intentions. Let’s go to other psychologists, who are better than him. ”

Yu Lili licked her lips. She glanced at Shen Zhilie with a complicated look. “Master Shen.”

Master Shen? She only called me Shen Zhilie or Zhilie before. It’s the first time for her to call me Master Shen, which sounds alienated.

The change made Shen Zhilie clearly know that her attitude toward him in her heart had changed.

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