The 99th Divorce Chapter 1041

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“Thank you for your help recently. I know that you are very concerned about my affairs. However, I make my own choices. I can’t lie to myself. I really love him, and I’m willing to be with him. Sorry, these days, I…” Yu Lili felt somewhat guilty.

Yu Lili had really thought about developing a romantic relationship with Shen Zhilie.

Ye Xixi was right. If one wanted to end a relationship, one had to start a new romantic relationship. However, she couldn’t forget Ou Ming.

When Shen Zhilie saw her expression, he shook his head helplessly. “Forget it, since you have already made a decision, I’ll no longer be a busybody. But, Lili, you deserve a better man. This man is a jerk!”

Hearing Yu Lili’s words, Ou Ming felt relieved, He then looked at Shen Zhilie and chuckled. “Master Shen, if I’m a jerk, I don’t know what to call a man who intended to take away my girlfriend by force and ask her to leave me.”

Shen Zhilie laughed and replied, “I just feel it is unfair for Lili.”

“In my opinion, you feel it is unfair for Shen Manting! You know I love Yu Lili. In order to avenge your sister, you have urged my woman to leave me, right?” Ou Ming quickly got to the point. “If you have time to deal with me, it is better for you to beware of your eldest brother.”

“Eldest brother?” Shen Zhilie asked. He was a bit puzzled hearing the implicative words

As Shen Zhilie heard Ou Ming’s implicative words, he felt a bit puzzled.

Yu Lili was also surprised. Does Shen Luo’an know something?

The relationship between Shen Luo’an and Shen Manting had been dubious. If Shen Manting married successfully, Shen Luo’an would maybe finally give up on her.

Shen Zhilie stared at Ou Ming trying to get more information from his face.

Ou Ming snorted and said, “Do you know why I have run away from the wedding? I think that you already know the secret between my family and your family.”

All the Shen family members were doctors. Shen Luo’an majored in the research of chemical medicine. Many years ago, he heard that Ou Ming’s mother had suffered from a strange disease, which Shen Luo’an had a great interest in. Out of his expectation, he happened to successfully develop a medicine to control that disease. But, it could only control it.

Logically speaking, although Ou Ming was not willing to marry Shen Manting for his mother, he would still compromise. However, on the day of his wedding ceremony, he created a huge embarrassment for Shen Manting.

No such thing had ever happened in the entire Shen family before. Old Mrs. Shen had vented her anger several times, but she still couldn’t change the situation.

As he listened to Ou Ming, the original suspicion in Shen Zhilie’s heart became stronger.

“I have made a deal with your eldest brother.” Ou Ming smiled and said, “As for what the deal is, I can’t tell you much here. You can ask Shen Luo’an.”

The reason Ou Ming ran away from the wedding was also because of the deal he made with Shen Luo’an.

Shen Zhilie was puzzled. Why has my eldest brother done this?

In this situation, although Shen Manting would lose the most, the entire family would lose face. Shen Luo’an had always been a person who valued ​​family reputation.

How could he reach an agreement with Ou Ming? It’s so weird…

Shen Zhilie’s mind was racing.

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