The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 433

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Yu Minmin cursed internally.

She said, “This place is a little small and lunch will be a little worse. I hope you won’t mind.”

“It’s okay,” he said happily.

Yu Minmin looked at him gratefully, “Thank you.”

Gu Jingming turned to her suspiciously.

Yu Minmin said, “You’re so nice to my family. It makes them very happy. Also, you’re so accommodating with this place.”

Gu Jingming said plainly, “It’s alright. You are my wife and I am your husband. It is my duty to be nice to them.”

However, Yu Minmin was still already very grateful.

After all, it was actually rather incompatible for him to stay here. This place was too small and broken while every inch of his body was glorified by people daily. He was so perfect and meticulous. To make him come to such a dingy place, she felt that it didn’t match his exquisite body.

After all, they didn’t marry out of love. She thought that it was already enough for him to give her face and give merit to her family.

Lin Che’s training ended and there was a special graduation party at night.

Everybody prepared for the talent show.

Some were dancing, some were singing, some were performing a sketch, and some were playing musical instruments.

Everybody knew that Qin Wanwan sang well. She simply sang a song.

The audience below watched Qin Wanwan sing and they applauded. When Qin Wanwan went down, they even said to her, “You can totally join Universal Singer.”

Qin Wanwan said, “No way. I’m not that professional.”

“Not at all. You’re comparable to a professional.”

“Hey, what about Lin Che? What is she performing? She hasn’t said anything.”

Lin Che went on stage and said to everybody, “I really don’t think I have any talent. I see that some of you can act, dance, sing, and it put very huge pressure on me. So I’ll just tell a joke to all of you.”

The audience was very shocked. Was she for real? She was telling a joke…

The teacher said, “Lin Che, do you really not have any talent you can show us?”

“Telling jokes is also considered a talent, Teacher. If it doesn’t count, I might have to show you my talent for standing still.”

The teacher was speechless and could only wave his hand and let her tell a joke.

Lin Che said, “At a night symposium in a boys’ dorm, Boy A says, ‘Give me a woman and I can create an ethnicity.’ Boy B says, ‘Give me a dog and I can create a race.’ Boy C says, ‘I’ll let you be a zookeeper. You’ll be able to create World of Warcraft.'”

Everybody was stunned and then burst into laughter.

Lin Che lifted her skirt, did a curtsy, and went down.

“Lin Che is such a tease.”

Because of Lin Che’s teasing, everybody was laughing out loud.

Not long after, someone uploaded this segment onto the Internet.

Saying that it was a celebrity training night, everyone looked at the celebrities’ graduation results.

Everything was fine at the beginning until it got to Lin Che’s segment when she simply told a joke.

Netizens watched it and passed the word around, “Skip to 15:30, there’s a surprise.”

People later simply skipped to that part and burst out laughing when they saw Lin Che’s performance.

Tons of people completely skipped the front and only watched the end portion of the video. Among the line of good students, Lin Che was simply a precious gem.

Some people commented that Lin Che was really a candid girl. She was such a tease.

Some also said that Lin Che was like a mudslide in the entertainment circle. How could this be called a talent?

Because of this, Qin Wanwan’s singing was completely overlooked.

After all, everybody already knew that Qin Wanwan could sing. There was nothing new.

No matter how good she sounded, she was still just singing.

After the graduation party, Lin Che returned home. On the way, she saw the news and thought that she was going crazy. Who posted this online?

She was simply at a loss for words. She only told one joke and these people…

Her joke was so perverted. Her image was going to be ruined at this rate.

Lin Che tossed around in the car, “Oh no, oh no. I’m done for, Gu Jingze. My image…”

Gu Jingze said, “This is also one of your characteristic features. It’s not the first time you went off script anyway. What are you worried about?”

Lin Che hit Gu Jingze’s chest angrily, “Who says? Who says that I don’t stick to the script? Seriously.”

Gu Jingze hadn’t seen her behave this way and lean into him in a while. He grabbed hold of her and really didn’t bear to put her down.

The chauffeur didn’t dare to look back, but he was also already accustomed to the way Madam and Sir interacted. However, he still felt uneasy when he saw Madam kick and hit Sir while Sir didn’t seem to mind at all. He always thought that Sir was someone who would suddenly burst into violence and strangle a person. It was known that he was harsh to others. However, he wasn’t strangling Lin Che’s neck and instead let her kick up a fuss. The chauffeur really didn’ know how to feel and it was so surreal to him.

Lin Che reached home and called to the maids, “I’m home!”

The maids quickly rushed out. They looked at Lin Che and said, “You’re finally back, Madam. We missed you so much!”

“Madam, the room is already tidied up. Is there anything you’d like to eat? I’ll prepare it for you.”

After some time, the maids finally left the couple alone.

Lin Che said to Gu Jingze, “It looks like it’s raining outside. Shall we take a walk?”

“How can you walk in the rain?”

“The rain adds to the mood and the rain isn’t heavy. I feel like going out for a walk. A slow stroll in the rain… Don’t you think it would be very romantic?”

Lin Che beamed at Gu Jingze. Gu Jingze looked up at the sky and could only nod obligingly.

Lin Che saw this and jumped in excitement. She quickly went to change. When they went out, the rain was indeed not heavy. The light feeling brushing against the face felt very nice.

Lin Che didn’t like others to hold the umbrella for her, so she didn’t allow the maids to come over.

Gu Jingze saw this, took the umbrella, and said, “I’ll hold it. If you hold it with your height, it’s no use for me.”

Lin Che pouted and looked at Gu Jingze. If she held the umbrella, it would practically be pressing against his head.

It was his fault for being so tall. She was already holding it up to the best of her abilities, but he still couldn’t fit under it.

Seeing Gu Jingze hold the umbrella, Lin Che went to his side and held his waist. Walking and stepping on the wet ground, she reached out a hand and felt the raindrops hit her palm. It felt extremely comfortable and refreshing.

Lin Che said, “See? Doesn’t it feel nice?”

“I think it already feels nice to watch the rain from inside the house.”

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