The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 492

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Lin Che looked at Chen Jingde in shock. She narrowed her eyes and asked, “So what you’re saying is that I should give up on the Witch’s Diary?”

Chen Jingde coughed dryly. Telling someone to give up such a good show was not nice to say. His excuse was a little too weak, but… it was all because Qin Wanwan wanted this role.

“Lin Che, you must think about it. You’ve acted in too many roles like this. Your position right now is going to be a huge obstacle and limitation to your development in the future. This will not do. You see, our company has already gotten a collaboration with Charm Culture now. Both sides are preparing to work on a show together. It’s marriage-themed. Take a look…”


Lin Che took the script to see. It was clearly a family drama.

“Am I now supposed to act in family dramas and be some mother or mother-in-law? I’m only 24 years old and you think that I should be acting as a mother now?”


Chen Jingde heard this and his expression changed. “What is this now? You look down on such roles? Your mentality is too biased. You should analyze it more. Actors should try out different roles instead of constantly being in idol dramas. No matter how you go on, your path will not be straight. A company will never allow their actor to only accept shows that they themselves want. When you wanted to take on Gu Jingyu’s movie, we agreed only because you were the star we have been grooming. If you continue making your own decisions now… We will pose sanctions on you.”

Lin Che smiled coldly at him. “You make it sound so nice. Why don’t you let Qin Wanwan take on more of such roles then?”

“You… You’re just challenging us, Lin Che. I’m warning you; don’t think that you can handle one company by yourself. We have been in this industry for years and we are huge. We have plenty of resources. Don’t think that you alone can go against us.”

“There’s no point in talking so much. I’m not giving up.”

As Lin Che spoke, she tossed the script onto the table.

Chen Jingde looked at her, grunted, and walked out.

Outside, people asked Chen Jingde, “I just knew it. Lin Che wouldn’t agree to it. Give up on Witch’s Diary? It’s such a huge production that is destined to be hot. How can anyone give that up?”

“That is why Qin Wanwan wants it. She now wants to make use of this so that she can rise to fame.”

“But what do we do if Lin Che doesn’t give it up? The production crew now obviously feels that Lin Che is better suited for the role.”

“We’ll force her to give up.”

“Hey. She is not a big deal indeed, but the key thing is Yu Minmin. Her status is not ordinary now…”

“Give Yu Minmin another two rising stars and spread out her attention. She can’t only focus on Lin Che alone.”

“You’re right. She has always been responsible. Now that others’ lives are in her hands, she wouldn’t implicate them because of one Lin Che.”

Lin Che and Yang Lingxin returned to the Gu house together.

Yang Lingxin felt indignant the entire way, “The company is way too biased towards Qin Wanwan. Our Sister Che is clearly better. Why must they side with Qin Wanwan?”

Lin Che replied, “Since Qin Wanwan chose our company, it shows that there must be a reason why she chose our company. She knows how to communicate and won’t do anything that doesn’t benefit her. Since she is here, it means that she has confidence in taking away my resources.”

“Are you saying that she knows someone inside the company?”

“That is for sure,” Lin Che said.

At home, Lin Che didn’t want to think about those infuriating matters about the company anymore.

Gu Jingze was still working at home.

Yang Lingxin walked in and saw Gu Jingze sitting on the sofa. He was reading and drinking coffee.

The way he held his cup made him look like he was part of a picture.

He sat very still and upright.

Yang Lingxin hadn’t adjusted to seeing Gu Jingze the moment she entered through the door. It always made her feel that he looked so beautiful, handsome, and charming.


Gu Jingze raised his head and looked at Lin Che.

“You’re back.” He walked over and put an arm around Lin Che’s shoulder. Seeing that she was still wearing her coat, he reached out and neatly took it off for her.

Lin Che said, “I’m dead tired.”

“Sit down. How about a massage?”

“Wow. Isn’t it too much to ask the big CEO to massage my legs?”

“No, you can just return it in kind.”

He pressed her down and made her lie on his lap.

Yang Lingxin knew that she should not be there anymore, so she quickly left in silence. However, standing at the corner of the stairs, she couldn’t help but want to continue watching.

Gu Jingze was so, so gentle to Lin Che.

Gu Jingze massaged her shoulders. He lowered his head and asked, “Does it feel good?”

“Yes yes. Your technique still needs to be improved,” Lin Che replied.

“…” Gu Jingze said, “There’s another way to make you feel even better. Do you want it?”

“What is it?”

“We’ll need to go back to our room for that.”

Lin Che immediately felt that something was amiss.

Feel even better back in the room?

Didn’t it feel wrong? It clearly felt wrong.

“Get lost!”

Lin Che hastily sat up because she felt a different movement in his pants when she laid there.

A certain part felt wrong!

This was really too perverted. With just that one sentence, he already wanted it.

Lin Che grunted and said, “I’m ignoring you. I’m going to go play with Prince.”

She hadn’t seen Prince today. She would always play with him when she got home every day.

Gu Jingze scoffed as if rejecting anything else masculine in the house besides him.

However, seeing Lin Che hop and jump away, Gu Jingze still followed behind her.

Prince laid in his bed in an extremely comfortable manner.

Upon seeing Lin Che, he quickly ran over and wagged his tail.

But he was too fat. He tumbled about very clumsily.

Lin Che asked, “Should you be losing some weight?”

Gu Jingze replied, “Yes, he’s too fat. How can he not get fat when everybody at home spoils him too much? We can already get two pounds of meat from him.”

“Hey, you’re too cruel!”

“Hmph, you have to be ruthless to your enemies. You have to kill a source by its roots!”

“How did he become your enemy?! Hmph!”

However, Lin Che carried Prince and indeed felt that he was too fat. She needed to think of a way to help him lose weight.

After thinking about it, Lin Che still decided to take Prince to the vet and ask.

Naturally, Gu Jingze accompanied her. When they placed Prince in the car, he ran and jumped about as if he enjoyed being in the car.

Soon, they reached the veterinary hospital. The line of people was surprised to see the couple bring a little mutt in.

This place was filled with all kinds of pedigree dogs and cats while this kind of mutt… was really rarely seen.

However, a mutt that came in a Bentley was no longer a mutt.

The vet treated Prince with special care, just like any distinguished guest.

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