The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 494

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Seeing as the maids didn’t say anything, she paced about and asked, “Is it really okay for President Gu and Sister Che to not be back yet? Aren’t you going to check on them?”

The maids looked at Yang Lingxin, “It’s alright. With Sir around, nothing will happen to Madam.”

Yang Lingxin asked, “But it’s so late. Won’t it be dangerous for them to be out for so long?”

“It’s not very late. It’s very normal for a husband and wife to spend time alone outside at this timing.”

Yang Lingxin had nothing else to say and could only return to her own room.

When she heard the two of them finally come back, she then quickly rushed out.

She saw Gu Jingze enter and immediately carry Lin Che in his arms.

Yang Lingxin quickly hid again as she watched Gu Jingze scoop Lin Che up in his arms. Lin Che laughed out loud in his embrace as Gu Jingze said, “Stop being so noisy.”

Lin Che said, “Let go! Let go of me!”

“No!” Not only did Gu Jingze not put her down, but he also continued hugging and kissed her on her lips.

Their lips met. Lin Che was initially stunned and then she slowly welcomed him and locked lips with him.

When she had calmed down, Gu Jingze then let go of her and carried her inside.

Yang Lingxin quickly went to hide in her room, thinking about the scene that just occurred. She still felt uncomfortable when she saw Gu Jingze and Lin Che behave so intimately. It made her very jealous.

Why could Lin Che be so blissful?

The next day.

Lin Che and the maids agreed to make dumplings together.

It was a small occasion and traditionally, they should be eating dumplings today.

When Lin Che knew about it, she was very happy and wanted to make dumplings with everyone.

Lin Che then told Yang Lingxin who smiled and said, “I’ll make them with you guys.”

Lin Che said, “Okay okay! Your dumplings must definitely look nice. Sigh, it’s a pity that I’m bad at handicraft.”

Yang Lingxin, Lin Che, and the rest went to make dumplings.

The maids looked at Yang Lingxin. They didn’t have a very good impression of her, so they weren’t very pleased that she was also coming along.

She had been staying here for some time and didn’t seem to want to leave. She looked like she was really going to make this place her home.

In the beginning, they allowed her in for her to recuperate. But now, she looked completely unaffected by that incident. Instead, she looked very happy to be here every day.

Since she didn’t need to recuperate, she shouldn’t be staying here like it was her own home!

But their Madam was simply too nice and didn’t want to chase her away. On the other hand, this young lady was simply too ignorant. Shouldn’t she know when she should leave?

Now that their Madam wanted to have some fun with them and prepare some dumplings for Gu Jingze, it should have been something meant for the couple. With Yang Lingxin’s participating now, it really felt uncomfortable for them.

Lin Che said, “Gu Jingze is so picky. He’s still going to want my dumplings if they turn out ugly, right?”

“Of course. Sir wouldn’t look down on Madam,” the maid replied.

Yang Lingxin then asked, “Are we making these for President Gu?”

Lin Che said, “Yes, it’s for him to eat. It’s okay, you can just do your own.”

Yang Lingxin asked, “Sister Che, why don’t I do it for you? Just pass mine off as yours.”

“Ah, there’s no need for that. He will have to eat whatever I make.”

The maids looked at Yang Lingxin and didn’t think that she meant well.

The maids also said, “Yes, whatever Madam makes is hers. Sir will eat it no matter what.”

Yang Lingxin could only smile and begin making dumplings with the maids.

Sure enough, Lin Che’s dumplings were ugly.

Yang Lingxin’s dumplings were small and cute. They looked extremely gorgeous as they were arranged one by one.

Lin Che saw it and said, “Little Xin, you’ll definitely be a good wife in the future…”

Yang Lingxin said, “Really… I think I’m average. I only cook more frequently at home.”

The maid at the side said, “Madam, your dumplings look good too.”

Lin Che looked at her own dumplings which were wonky and flat.

How did these look good…

Yang Lingxin felt unjust. These maids were annoying enough. However, Lin Che was the Madam, so of course, they would side with her.

Very soon, Gu Jingze was back.

When Lin Che went out, Gu Jingze was handing his clothes to a maid. He saw that Lin Che’s cheeks were flushed as if she had just come out from an oven. He asked her, “Where did you go?”

Lin Che said, “I just came from the kitchen. We’re making dumplings for you.”

As she said that, Lin Che smiled cheekily and had the maids bring out the dumplings.

They put a few plates of dumplings on the table.

Yang Lingxin also came out of the kitchen. Seeing the dumplings in front of her, she thought that her dumplings still looked the best.

She could spot them immediately on the table.

Lin Che said, “Gu Jingze, come and eat. Hehe.”

Yang Lingxin was filled with anticipation as she watched. Gu Jingze looked at the dumplings with suspicion. Then, he took a pair of chopsticks and quickly went for one.

He took a dumpling from Lin Che’s plate.

Yang Lingxin’s heart immediately sank.

Lin Che was wowed. She said, “You’re eating such an ugly one…”

Gu Jingze ate the dumpling so slowly but he could still make it look as good as if he was in fine dining.

He looked at Lin Che and said, “It’s a good thing that you know your own limits. So, I also know my limits.”


What did he mean by that?

“I know that my wife doesn’t have such good skills.”

“…” Nobody was as insulting as he was.

Gu Jingze said, “Nevermind. I think it tastes very nice. It must have been hard work for you too. Come, eat with me.”

Lin Che pouted and asked, “Does it really taste nice? Or are you just giving me face?”

“The stuffing was definitely not made by you, so it’s definitely delicious. It has nothing to do with the dumpling’s appearance.”


Lin Che grunted forcefully and looked up. She said to Yang Lingxin, “Alright, everybody must be tired. Let’s eat together.”

Yang Lingxin smiled and sat down.

Lin Che pointed to the plate of pretty dumplings and said, “Little Xin made these.”

“Oh,” Gu Jingze merely replied without looking at Yang Lingxin.

Lin Che knew that Gu Jingze had always been aloof, so she was used to it.

However, Yang Lingxin was extremely hurt.

Lin Che said, “But don’t look down on my ugly dumplings. They all taste the same. Haha.”

“Yes, I’ll force myself to eat it.”

“Get lost… But how could you immediately tell that this was mine? What if I made very pretty ones?”

Gu Jingze replied, “Well, a good-looking person will make ugly dumplings.”

“Really… Hehe. Are you saying that I’m good-looking?”

“Yes. Seeing that you worked hard today, it is only fair for me to praise you.”

It was only fair to praise her…?

He made it sound so forced.

The two of them were so immersed in their banter that they forgot about Yang Lingxin who was still at the side.

Yang Lingxin’s heart sank deeper with every sentence.

Was Gu Jingze saying that she looked ugly?

Her dumplings were very pretty…

But she didn’t look ugly either.

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