The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 993

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Among the books Jiang Chen had read, many of them were myths and legends, which were all about the immortals.

The strongest practitioners, emperors or Martial Divinities, would all die and turn to dust. Only the immortals would live forever and stay young. However, no one had ever achieved that state yet.

The fate of all creatures was almost the same, regardless of strength. The eagerness to be immortal inspired people’s imaginations. They imagined that among the planets, beyond the Milky Way, there was an entrance leading to the land of the immortals. Here, there was a gate called the South Heaven Gate. Walking through the gate, was located the Heavenly Palace where the immortals lived. However, this was only one of the numerous myths that could not be proved.

Jiang Chen still remembered how he had despised these kind of stories. He thought they were only stupid imaginings people had when they were looking at the starry sky. Driven by the wishes of strong men who were unwilling to die, it became popular across the Nine Realms.

It can’t be the Sacred Ground on the Celestial Land.

It must be some big shot who knew a myth like this, so he built such a treasure following the description of the myth, Jiang Chen assumed.

Such things had happened before. Many big shots who had conquered new worlds would construct small worlds according to their own taste so that they could enjoy the pleasure of controlling the whole world.

What Jiang Chen wanted to know was how to use The Painting of the Heavenly Palace.

After a few unsuccessful attempts to land, Jiang Chen went to the south, as if he suddenly had an inspiration. As expected, he saw a giant stone gate there. It was dark green, as if it was built with jade. Jiang Chen tried to land again. This time he was not forced to retreat like before. He landed steadily. When he tried to walk through the gate, a purple smoke rose from the flat ground.

A group of divine soldiers and divine generals whom he had seen in the Doctrine Palace appeared. However, what caught Jiang Chen’s attention were the four heavenly kings. They were in a row, standing there like a giant mountain. All of them, the heavenly kings and the divine soldiers and divine generals, stayed still.

Jiang Chen walked ahead. When he was about to go through the gate, the heavenly kings drew their weapons out perfectly in sync. Jiang Chen was a soul at the moment. At the thought of how to fight, the Heavenly Fault Sword appeared in his hand.

“I see.” He tumbled toreality. Holding his sword, he confronted the enemy.

His past experiences told him to go and get the inheritance he must defeat the heavenly kings before him to go through the South Heaven Gate. Putting the divine soldiers and divine generals aside, the four heavenly kings were super-strong. Not relying on martial arts techniques to attack, they exerted Doctrine Methods only.

Jiang Chen felt jealous, but he had to try his best so that his soul would not be eliminated. In the end, with the Ninth Sword, he won a narrow victory. He went through the South Heaven Gate successfully.

“Fortunately, it was only my soul.”

Jiang Chen felt lucky. Thanks to his pure soul, he was able to exert his sword movement smoothly and more powerfully. Then he was suddenly struck dumb. He looked at the ground, unable to believe what he was seeing. The heavenly kings and divine soldiers and divine generals had disappeared, but their golden armor and weapons had all fallen onto the ground.

Jiang Chen went closer and found all of them were Doctrine Artifacts!

Gosh! Jiang Chen knew he would get wealthy soon. He quit the status of soul first and then took the Doctrine Artifacts out of the painting by himself.

The Invincible God of War is great indeed.

Jiang Chen was extremely excited. However, he actually preferred Doctrine Methods to Doctrine Artifacts. He went into the Heavenly Palace again, ready to go through the South Heaven Gate. To his surprise, he saw a figure at the gate.

“I’ve been expecting you for a long time.” The figure said. Jiang Chen assumed this was another creature like the divine soldiers and divine generals. Jiang Chen took a closer look and found it was an extremely pretty woman. Her hair was like floating clouds. Her white dress trailed on the floor, giving off a silver pure light.

The Soul of the Heavenly Palace?

Jiang Chen was not surprised. Instead he was pretty happy. He knew she had come to guide him. However, different from normal weapon souls, this woman was quite passive. Standing there, she was gazing at Jiang Chen quietly.

Jiang Chen did not know what to say.

“Are you a fairy?”

However, he was struck dumb. The woman did not respond to him, but her facial expression had a slight change. She looked as if someone had called her name after recognizing her.

“Is this the Celestial Land?” Jiang Chen asked tentatively.


“You know who I am?” Jiang Chen felt kind of helpless since she did not continue.

“Yes.” The woman’s answers were extremely simple.

“Could you introduce the place to me? What can I find here? And how can I get them?” Jiang Chen had to made his questions clear and concrete. However, his questions struck the woman dumb.

“You don’t remember anything?”

After a long while, the woman said a long sentence, which was quite surprising. But Jiang Chen was confused. He thought maybe this weapon soul was out of function.

“Your name is?” Fortunately, the woman asked actively, as if she had gone back to normal.

“Jiang Chen.”

Nodding, the woman looked like she was lost in thought. She said, “Yue’e, the Soul of the Heavenly Palace.”

Jiang Chen had an odd feeling, but he could hardly speak of it. He felt this weapon soul knew him.

“Is there anything I should know?” Jiang Chen asked again.

“What do you want to know?”

“Who was the previous owner of the Heavenly Palace?” Jiang Chen asked.

“You’re the first owner.”

“Oh?” Although this explained why Yue’e was so unprofessional, it was quite hard to believe. A big shot built such a thing because he wanted someone to get his inheritance and pass it on to generation after generation, because he did not want his great unique creation lost to the world.

Sure, there’s a first time for everything. However, a long time had passed—the ancient times before the splitting of the Nine Realms, the dark times in which human beings were oppressed, and the Era of the Hero in which human beings rose. Tens of thousands of years had passed. Anyone could be the first owner. He had to say he was lucky.

“Who built the Heavenly Palace?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Divine Emperor.”

“Which one?”

“Is there a second Divine Emperor?” Yue’e was surprised for the first time.

Jiang Chen was dumbfounded. The Heavenly Palace could have come into existence even before the existence of humans. Instantly, Jiang Chen’s interest was piqued. Feeling that old impulse once again, he really wanted to talk about old times with her.

“Jiang Chen, there are other people here.”

Azure Demon, in charge of protecting his body, reminded him. Jiang Chen had to go back to the real world. He found many people were approaching from far away.

The Three Middle Realms can’t have such a strong team. They’re from the Seventh Realm. Throwing them a glance, Jiang Chen knew this was the revenge of the Ancient Race. Since he had not got the inheritance of the Heavenly Palace yet, Jiang Chen chose to dodge the attack. He left the valley quickly.

When there was no one around, Jiang Chen ran into a fierce beast, stopping him from entering the Heavenly Palace.

What the hell! Jiang Chen was irritated. He drew his sword out, intending to kill the fierce beast. However, not until halfway through the fight did he find that the fierce beasts living in the forbidden land were extremely strong. It seemed to have infinite strength. He had been invincible ever since he had become a Star Venerable, but at the moment he felt he was struggling.

This was a giant serpent jumping out of the Frozen Pond. It was more than 300 yards long. No knife or sword could pierce through its skin. It would be very difficult to kill. Seeing the fierce look in that pair of green eyes, Jiang Chen felt the danger of the forbidden land in a profound way.

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