The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 651

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Ye Yuwei’s mind went blank for a moment and she did not say anything.

“You probably don’t know this, but Ai Mijia and Gu Tianmu were supposed to get married back then. Since my parents and his parents made a promise to get the two of us married, Ai Mijia…”

“It was not your fault, Mom. Aunt Gu wouldn’t have seduced Gu Zhenjiang if her feelings for Gu Tianmu were real,” Ye Yuwei interrupted. She knew she shouldn’t interrupt but she just had to say it.

Wen Jie chuckled. “Silly girl, I have never felt that it was my fault. The only person I have ever felt sorry for in my life is my son. I never asked to be married to Gu Tianmu and I don’t think I owe him for that,” said Wen Jie bluntly, obviously not feeling sorry for anyone else.

Ye Yuwei hesitated awkwardly, remembering that her mother-in-law had always been a rather carefree person.

“Anyway, stop worrying about it. We are no longer related to the Gu family and Gu Juexi won’t allow Gu Tianmu to take Xicheng away.” Ye Yuwei held Wen Jie’s hand to comfort her.

“You shouldn’t be worried too. So long as I am at home with Xicheng, I will not allow anyone to take him away from me.” Wen Jie nodded.

Ye Yuwei sat and talked to Wen Jie for a while before finally getting up and going to work.

Gu Juexi actually had a few other cars in the garage. As she was feeling lazy, Ye Yuwei asked the driver to send her to work.

Meanwhile, Gu Juexi had reached his company and PA Wen followed him into his office with a document in his hand. “This is the analysis of how Gu International is doing after the old Mr. Gu passed away. It’s not complete but we are sure that the stock prices have dropped by 30% since his passing.”

Gu Juexi took off his coat as he sat down at his table and took the document from PA Wen. “Why is it not complete?”

“The data analysis department is still working on it,” PA Wen answered after a while.

“Are they pigs? Ye Yuwei could get it done by herself in one night and they can’t get it done after one whole day?” Gu Juexi growled.

PA Wen couldn’t answer Gu Juexi. After all, how could he expect everyone to be like Mrs. Gu?

Gu Juexi did not look at the incomplete analysis at all.

“By the way, CEO,” PA Wen said suddenly. “I heard something interesting today: the Wen family is acquiring Gu International’s stocks at a very low price.”

“The Wen family?”

“Yes, your grandfather,” said PA Wen softly.

Gu Juexi leaned back in his chair, put his hands together and scoffed. “This is the moment they were waiting for. They insisted on disowning my mother when she wanted a divorce. They are making sure that she is thoroughly separated from the family now.”

“Do we acquire the stocks too then, Mr. Gu?” asked PA Wen.

“What about Gu Tianmu?” Gu Juexi asked.

“Director Gu is arranging for the old Mr. Gu’s funeral.”

Gu Juexi looked at PA Wen suspiciously. “And nothing else?”

“Nothing else, though I heard that Director Gu had called Mrs. Gu once, not long after the old Mr. Gu passed away.” Afraid of Gu Juexi’s rage, PA Wen took a step back.

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