The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 653

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“Alright then. I came to ask about the renovation. I will arrange to send out the invitations if you confirm that we are on schedule. Maybe you can bring Mr. Gu’s home for him?” Qian Yikun laughed.

Ye Yuwei felt that Qian Yikun stressed on the words ‘Mr. Gu’ to tease her.

“Why doesn’t Mr. Qian get someone to send him the invitation? I am still staying at the hotel,” said Ye Yuwei with a smile on her face.

Qian Yikun paused for a second then burst into laughter. “Looks like Mr. Gu still has a long way to go. Alright then, I will get someone to send the invitation,” Qian Yikun said then left the office.

Ye Yuwei looked at Qian Yikun’s receding figure and frowned. She remembered how Gu Juexi kept asking about Qian Yikun earlier and felt that something was about to happen.

Qian Yikun?

Ye Yuwei looked at Qian Yikun’s receding figure that was slowly disappearing. It looked like…

Ye Yuwei shook her head and got the idea out of her head. How would Qian Yikun have anything to do with the Bai family?

Ye Yuwei decided to stop thinking about it and continued with her work.

Meanwhile, the suit which Lu Qichuan had filed against the couple for slander was being heard. To be fair, what the couple did was nothing serious. It was just their bad luck that the person they had picked a fight with was a lawyer.

What Xiao Yaojing didn’t predict was that the plump lady was connected to one of the excos of the bank she was working at. So although Lu Qichuan sued the couple and won the case, Xiao Yaojing had to pay the price.

The project that Xiao Yaojing was in charge of was already at its final stage when someone informed her that her project was going to be taken away for unjustifiable reasons.

Xiao Yaojing looked at the deputy manager who smiled at her. “There is nothing we can do, Yaojing. You offended someone so trade the project you handle to buy peace.”

“Why should I give away the project that I finished to you?” Xiao Yaojing had never let herself get the short end of the stick, and it was no different this time.

“Stop being cheeky, Xiao Yaojing. Do you want the bank to make up reasons like taking kickbacks to fire you? Recall who you offended this time, do you think Gu Enterprise will still be partial to you?”

“When was Gu Enterprise in trouble, and why have I not heard about it?” PA Wen’s cold voice was heard, then the door was pushed open.

The deputy manager’s mind went blank for a second when he saw PA Wen coming in. He quickly walked over to him. “What brings you here, PA Wen?”

“Answer my question, Deputy Manager Wang. Did something happen that could get Gu Enterprise into trouble?” PA Wen ignored Deputy Manager Wang’s friendliness and repeated his question.

Xiao Yaojing pursed her lips and held her hands together tightly.

Deputy Manager Wang began to feel uncertain. He had only said so because Gu Enterprise was involved in a few legal suits recently, but the enterprise was far from being in serious trouble. He had exaggerated to threaten Xiao Yaojing but he hadn’t expected PA Wen to show up.

“It’s just a misunderstanding, PA Wen,” Deputy Manager Wang quickly explained. “It is an internal affair so please let us settle it amongst ourselves, PA Wen.”

“Of course I don’t have the right to interfere in your internal affairs, but Deputy Manager Wang, please bear in mind that Xiao Yaojing is a friend of mine and I referred her to this bank. So be careful if you choose to use your filthy tricks on her.” A threat was clearly present in PA Wen’s emotionless voice.

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