The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 740

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“I was called for a meeting before I came. Gu Juexi is someone with great potential for the army so we broke the rules for him, and he actually did this?” The old captain said in agitation and looked at Yu Jiangqing with his hands on the table. “Tell me the truth, is this part of that rascal’s plan?”

Yu Jiangqing looked away from the badges and answered the old captain. “Doctor Wu has explained it fairly clearly, Captain. Boss’s heart stopped at one point for real, and he isn’t the kind who would joke about his life, especially now that he has a family to take care of.”

The captain frowned.

He couldn’t confront Gu Juexi for this, because no one could control life or death no matter how incredible they were.

“How is he now?” asked the old captain in a friendlier tone.

“Still unconscious. I heard that his organs were all injured. He has been transferred back to our country,” Yu Jiangqing frowned and said, “I actually came for something else, Captain.”

“I am sure it is about Bai Ying,” the captain waved his hand impatiently and said, “Gu Juexi was the one who got rid of the Bai family. I will liaise with Interpol so that Bai Ying will appear to have died in the war.”

“Thank you, Captain,” said Yu Jiangqing as he got up from his chair, “I will make a move if there is nothing else.”

The captain waved his hand to dismiss Yu Jiangqing. He looked at the badges on the table and was even more certain that it was part of Gu Juexi’s plan to be injured.

Meanwhile at the military hospital in B City, Ye Yuwei opened her eyes and the sun shone in them. She threw an arm over her eyes, then jumped up from the bed immediately.


“What are you doing, sister-in-law?” A nurse entered and quickly helped Ye Yuwei who had almost fallen off the bed.

“Gu Juexi, where is Gu Juexi?” Ye Yuwei couldn’t be bothered by the wound on her leg and asked loudly in a hoarse voice.

Ye Yuwei wanted to exit her room so badly that the nurse could hardly contain her.

“Please calm down, sister-in-law. Boss has…”

“Gu Juexi, where is Gu Juexi?” Ye Yuwei shouted loudly as she tried to get out of the room.

“Sister-in-law,” Doctor Wu blocked Ye Yuwei’s way out and looked at the wound on her leg. He continued after making sure that her wound hadn’t torn open again, “Boss’ condition is stable now, but…”

“So he is alive? He is alive, right?” Ye Yuwei heard only that and held Doctor Wu’s arm excitedly.

Dr. Wu nodded. “I came to talk to you about Boss, sister-in-law,” said Doctor Wu as he asked the nurse to leave the room and helped Ye Yuwei who was much calmer back to her room.

“I want to see him,” Ye Yuwei looked up and said.

“My bad for not having thought of that. Please follow me, sister-in-law,” Doctor Wu paused for a second then said.

Gu Juexi had been admitted to the ICU and was still unconscious.

Ye Yuwei limped to the side of his bed and held his hand.

His hand was warm.

So he really was alive.

Ye Yuwei got her peace of mind after making sure that Gu Juexi was still alive.

She would give anything just for him to be alive.

“Boss might have saved his life this time, but his injuries were very substantial. It will take at least one to two years for him to completely recover,” said Doctor Wu quietly.

But Ye Yuwei couldn’t be bothered. So long as Gu Juexi was alive, there was nothing more that she could ask for.

“When will he regain consciousness?” asked Ye Yuwei softly. The affairs of the Gu family had not been settled, and Gu Juexi said that he would take care of the food and beverage business himself.

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