The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 742

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Gu Juexi listened to the childish voice beside his ear that belonged to his daughter.

He wanted to lift his hand but didn’t have enough strength to do, so he opened his eyes slowly.

“Daddy, Daddy,” Xixi yelled excitedly when she saw Gu Juexi opening his eyes, but she still remembered what her mommy said about not touching her daddy.

Ye Yuwei was dumbfounded. What had she been doing for the past few days? She should have just brought her daughter here.

How ridiculous!

“Don’t cry, Daddy is fine,” Gu Juexi said hoarsely, not having the strength to even wipe the tears off his daughter’s face. Even the way he spoke was weaker than usual.

Ye Yuwei was visibly sulking. Gu Juexi had never spoken this gently to her before, how unfair!

Gu Juexi was feeling weak after waking up. He comforted his daughter then looked at Ye Yuwei. His eyes narrowed when he noticed that one of her legs was more swollen than the other.

“Is your brain missing? Who asked you to go there?” Gu Juexi spat, using all the harsh words that he could think of.

Gu Juexi could recall what Dr. Wu told him about Ye Yuwei’s infected leg.

What was she thinking, going to the Bai family’s ruined fortress with an open wound on her leg?

Ye Yuwei put her son down and grabbed her walking stick. “You are the one without a brain! Spend the rest of your life with your precious daughter!” Ye Yuwei snarled angrily and stormed off.

Gu Juexi chuckled to himself but couldn’t do anything else in his current state.

Ye Xicheng was worried about Gu Juexi at first but he knew that Gu Juexi was alright when he heard the way he talked to his mother. Ye Xicheng crossed his little hands behind his back and humphed. This would be the best-case scenario as Mommy would still belong to him and only him.

The ICU fell silent. Xixi blinked at her mommy who left together with her brother, then looked at her daddy in confusion.

Gu Juexi looked at his precious daughter and promised to teach that woman a lesson when he got better.

Ye Yuwei went to the nurse and told her to do a checkup for Gu Juexi.

When they got back to the ward, Ye Xicheng ran to the side table, poured Ye Yuwei a glass of water and brought it to her carefully.

“Thank you.” Ye Yuwei took the glass of water and pulled her son into her arms again. Her son and Gu Juexi looked almost identical, but her son was a little angel while that man was the devil himself.

“Are you really alright, Mommy?” Ye Xicheng asked worriedly as he looked at Ye Yuwei’s leg.

“Mommy is fine, they’re just some cuts which will heal in no time,” Ye Yuwei said softly and kissed her son’s head. “Have I been a bad mother? I am sorry for not always being by your side.”

“It is not your fault, Mommy. Xicheng knows that Mommy doesn’t mean to,” said Ye Xicheng quickly. “Will we still go back to X Country, Mommy?”

Go back? She really didn’t think so.

“Don’t you want to stay here?” Ye Yuwei asked carefully, trying to figure out what her son was thinking.

Ye Xicheng frowned and lowered his head. To go back or not, that was the question.

“Does Mommy still love Daddy? Is that why Mommy doesn’t want to leave anymore?” Ye Xicheng looked up and asked bluntly.

After everything, she would be lying if she said she didn’t mind going back, but now she didn’t know how to answer the question thrown at her so directly.

Ye Xicheng noticed his mother keeping quiet and reached out to hug her. “Xicheng wants to be wherever Mommy is. Xicheng will always be by Mommy’s side, and Xicheng will be able to protect Mommy when Xicheng grows a little bit older.”

Ye Yuwei listened to her son’s cute voice and was touched.

“Daddy is not going to hurt Mommy again. Xicheng will have a girl that Xicheng wants to protect too when Xicheng grows up,” said Ye Yuwei smilingly.

“Does that mean that we are not going back anymore?” Ye Xicheng asked straightforwardly.

Ye Yuwei was speechless. ‘My son, could you not be sly like your father?’

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