The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 651

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Because Han Yifeng sounded cold and determined, Secretary Wang had no words to refute him. Han Yifeng then gave him a quick explanation.

“This is the only way I can escape temporarily. All my efforts recently were all for today. I want to live my own life, so I’ll leave the things over here to them. I’m really tired… That’s all.”

Secretary Wang was speechless, so he just nodded.

It took him about an hour drive back to the Han Residence.

Han Yu and Huang Ziyao just so happened to be out for meetings while Elder Han had gone to a friend’s house. He made sure they were out when he returned, so only the servants and his child were left in the huge Han Residence.

“Master, you’re back!”

The servants were happy to see Han Yifeng. It had been a long while since he had taken a step inside the Han Residence, thus they were glad.

Han Yifeng’s expression was cold and expressionless as usual. He nodded and glanced at the servant as he asked coldly, “Where’s Little Master?”

“Little Master just fell asleep. He’s inside the baby’s room,” the servant replied respectfully.

“You can get back your work now.”

Han Yifeng went upstairs as Secretary Wang followed behind him.

Han Yifeng soon found the baby’s room. His son was sleeping soundly inside the baby cot, looking really cute.

He looked at the curled up baby, his strained expression softening slightly. He lowered his body and touched his son’s cheek. After some consideration, he then said quietly, “Han Zhexuan, this is your name from now on. Xiao Xuan… You’ll stay with me, your father, forever. I’ll make sure to take care of you and give you a happy childhood, free from the darkness.”

“CEO Han, we…” Secretary Wang spoke quietly.

“Pack up some stuff. Only bring the necessities. We have everything else over there. Hurry. Leave the divorce contract on her dressing table. It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t sign it. I can afford to wait!” Han Yifeng instructed coldly before picking up his son from the baby cot.

Secretary Wang nodded his head and started packing the baby’s feeding bottle, several sets of clothes for changing, and some other necessities.

They worked swiftly and managed to finish within ten minutes.

Han Yifeng left a letter on the coffee table in the living room. He then walked out with his son in his arms.

“Master, where are you taking Little Master?”

He bumped into a servant when he went outside. The servant looked at him with an odd glance, yet Han Yifeng just shot her a cold stare before leaving without saying anything.

“Master is just bringing Little Master to an office trip. You can take a day off. Come to Master’s villa tomorrow noon to take Little Master back!” Secretary Wang left this message before catching up.

Naturally, the servant did not question anything. “I got it. I’ll pass the message!”

Just like that, Han Yifeng brought his son straight to the airport.

Having booked their flight tickets, their plane was about to take off when Han Yifeng arrived at the airport. His other personal female assistant delivered his briefcase while Secretary Wang went to collect their plane tickets as quickly as possible.

The few of them went through the VIP lane and entered the departure lounge.

Half an hour later, the plane flying from City Z to San Francisco took off. Aside from his two assistants, Han Yifeng brought his son as well.

He had been earnestly working this whole time. Knowing that only regret and pain remained here, he thought leaving would be the best choice. It would be a new start for himself. He slowly shifted the company’s focus abroad and turned the Han Corporation’s branch in San Francisco into their main headquarters while the one back in City Z would become a branch office instead.

He had stayed there for quite some time before, thus he knew his way around and it would not be that difficult to start a new life there. Most importantly, he could free himself from all the trouble over there. He just wanted to live with his son and not deal with them anymore.

He would raise his son there since it was part of his responsibility. His focus from now on would be work and his son. Above all, he wanted to find his own meaning of living.

As for Xi Xinyi, he knew that she would never give everything up and go to San Francisco with him. He had actually given her a subtle hint then. If she was willing to give up everything and go to him, he would have arranged a job for her in Han Corporation. Otherwise…

Han Yifeng left a letter for Han Yu and the others. The contents were short and simple, just informing them he would return to San Francisco with his son, and that if they wanted to see their grandchild, they could head over.

Han Yu felt his heart ache when he saw the words in the letter that showed how worn out his son was. He sighed and turned towards Huang Ziyao and said, “Yifeng returned to San Francisco. Maybe we gave him too much pressure. The child’s name is called Han Zhexuan, and he brought him away…”

Huang Ziyao was shocked as Elder Han’s expression darkened.

Before they could react, a nervous cry came from outside. “Father, Mother! Where’s my son? Have you found him? Where’s my son?”

Xi Xinyi was handling some matters at her office when she received a call from Huang Ziyao in the evening, saying that her son had gone missing. They asked the servants afterward and realized Han Yifeng had taken the child. They also found the letter he left on the coffee table.

“Yifeng took the child to San Francisco. He’s already shifted Han Corporation’s important resources over there. Look at what you all have done! WIth Yifeng’s personality, that’s why I disagreed… I don’t care anymore!”

Han Yu glared at Xi Xinyi unhappily as his expression turned grim.

Xi Xinyi’s face turned pale. Strength was sapped out of her body as she slumped onto the sofa and mumbled, “Impossible… Yifeng took the child away… It’s impossible…”

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