The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 652

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The truth was right before her eyes. There was no other way but to accept it.

Han Yifeng had left the divorce papers on her dressing table and another small note telling her to sign it.

Xi Xinyi was stunned when she saw the divorce papers!

She could not just get divorced like this! She could not just let him take her son away and leave her alone here.

Their promise?

What promise?

Just when Huang Ziyao and the others were accepting her? Why could Han Yifeng not see any of her efforts lately? She was trying really hard to turn things around. In the end, he merely kicked her away coldly, and even took her son away from her!

How could he!?

What was the point of her suffering in silence and persisting all this while?

“Ah! Ah! Ahhh!” Anger filled Xi Xinyi’s eyes as she screamed hysterically and tore the divorce papers into pieces!

“How dare you, Han Yifeng!? Don’t even think about abandoning me! One day, I’ll make sure that you regret all of this and come back to me on your own! Do you think I don’t know that you’ve been visiting her tea shop every day? I will rise above her! I will make you witness that witch’s pathetic ending! I’ll give her a pain a thousand times worse than what I’m feeling right now! The worse you treat me, the more I hate that witch! All of you betrayed me! All of you!”

Xi Xinyi clenched her teeth. She then thrashed the stuff inside her room like a maniac. In a short while, the whole place became a mess.

Xi Xiaye had no idea what was happening at the Han residence.

The sky turned dark. By the window on the 58th floor of the building, one could view the whole of City Z. Night lights were everywhere, and it was a beautiful scenery to enjoy.

As Xi Xiaye was still going through some documents, there was a knock on the door. She grunted without even raising her head and someone entered.

Her assistant, Xiao Mei, came in with a big bouquet of beautiful yellow roses.

“Director Xi, someone sent you flowers. I accepted them for you!” Xiao Mei came beside the table and spoke quietly as if she was worried that she might be bothering Xi Xiaye’s work.

“Just leave it there.” Xi Xiaye flipped a page and continued reading, not seeming very interested.


Xiao Mei put the flowers on the corner of the table. As she was about to leave, she heard Xi Xiaye’s voice again.

“Who sent this?”

Xiao Mei was shocked. When she looked over, she noticed Xi Xiaye staring at the bouquet of flowers oddly.

Xiao Mei turned around and bowed slightly as she replied, “I heard from the delivery boy that it’s from a Mr. Han. Oh, there’s also a card among the flowers.”

Xi Xiaye nodded. “Mmm, it’s pretty late now. Time for you to go back. Rest well during the weekend since we’re going to be busy soon. Tell Ms. Ji to prepare the car. I’m leaving soon as well.”

“Yes, Director Xi!” Xiao Mei then left quietly.

Xi Xiaye picked up the flowers. As expected, she saw a card inside. She grabbed the card and opened it. Immediately, familiar handwriting came into sight.

“I’m sorry, Xiaye. Thank you for your generosity and forgiveness. I’m leaving, and I’ll always support you. I wish you happiness forever.”   — Han Yifeng

Xi Xiaye was a little taken aback by his words. She looked lost when she saw the writing on the card and her heart wavered slightly. She took a deep breath before turning her chair around and peering out at the night lights down below. The bright lights filled up her eyes, drowning that faint sense of sorrow out.

After looking out for some time, she looked at the card in her hands again and glanced at the beautiful bouquet of yellow roses. She suddenly remembered something she heard from long ago that fitted this scenario.

You came from afar. I’m going far away. The long journey passed here. The sky had nothing…

How many things would be lost forever once missed?

However, without this relationship, another one would come just like Mu Yuchen and her.

“I don’t hate you… because I know you’re trying. It’s great that you finally understand. You saved yourself, and I was trying to save myself too. I wish you happiness forever as well, Han Yifeng.”

She smiled before lowering her body and opening a drawer to take a lighter out. She lit the card on fire and tossed it into the dustbin as it almost burned into ashes.

“I thought you wouldn’t accept this flower, Director Xi.”

Ji Zitong’s voice reached her as the card completely burned into ashes. Xi Xiaye turned over and gave her a smile. “Why not?”

Ji Zitong was a straightforward person, so she just responded directly, “I heard about what happened between Director Xi and CEO Han, so…”

Xi Xiaye nodded. She turned her chair again and looked downwards at the lights. “What else can I do? If I can’t get over the struggle inside me, or even wanted revenge, what would make me different from Xi Xinyi? At least, he protected me for several years. I’ll just take it as a draw then. I heard of a saying popular on the street: ‘you’ll eventually pay back for what you’ve done’.”

Ji Zitong was stunned for a moment. A while later, she replied, “True. Some stubbornness is the root of all evil.”

“Well, I wanted to set a good example for the little fella inside me as well.”

Xi Xiaye touched her belly as her voice was gentle. “Baby, Mother is being generous, but that’s not enough on its own. You need to have your father’s wisdom… Your mother doesn’t have this. Ask your father to teach you when he comes back.”

Ji Zitong chuckled. “Director Xi, I’m not sure if the little princess can hear you.”

Xi Xiaye smiled back at her. “Alright, it’s time to go. Come over to Maple Residence for dinner. Sis Wang should have it prepared already.”

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