The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 653

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Wang Hui’s birthday passed some time ago. The infighting within Qi Kai was getting fiercer every day while the conflict between Qi Qiming and Wang Hui was getting worse.

Qi Qiming wanted to remove Qi Lei from the South River Project, yet Xi Xiaye’s act stopped that idea. Qi Lei still managed to keep being the person in charge as of now.

Gu Lingsha’s sudden appearance on the banquet strained Qi Lei’s relationship with Wang Qin again.

Inside the office of the Vice President of Qi Kai Corporation.

Wang Qin folded her arms as she studied the data on her laptop screen. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

“Come in!”

The secretary came in through the door and bowed respectfully. She then spoke gently, “Vice President Wang, Master Qi is right outside. Should I let him in?”

“Let him in.” Wang Qin waved her hand.

The secretary left swiftly. A minute later, she heard the sound of the door closing.

Qi Lei rarely visited Wang Qin’s office because he was not particularly fond of his mother. To him, she was cold, cruel, headstrong, and ignorant. These were Qi Lei’s impressions of his mother.

“What’s the matter?” Qi Lei had his hands in his pocket as he sat down on the sofa and poured himself a glass of water. His tone sounded carefree.

“Where have you been in the past few days? It was so difficult to change the way they look at you, and you suddenly went missing for several days. Don’t you know how to apply for leave? Xiao Lei, just what should I do with you?” Wang Qin was getting angry as she heard Qi Lei’s nonchalance. Her eyes were glaring at him as she frowned.

“Applying for leave is just to let you know, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be enough if you just told them that I’m on leave?” Qi Lei grinned, obviously not really caring.

“Have you been with that woman these few days?” Wang Qin’s expression darkened. She wondered if Gu Lingsha had actually cursed him. Why else would he go so far for her?

Qi Lei did not reply. His expression turned cold as his eyes darkened.

“Xiao Lei, Gu Lingsha sides with Qi Qiming. Have you forgotten how she treated you before? She doesn’t care about you at all, so why are you wasting your effort on a shameless woman like her?” Wang Qin glared at Qi Lei. “You’ve really disappointed me! Why can’t you appreciate the current situation I’ve created through so much hard work? Do you think Gu Lingsha will be touched just because you sacrifice yourself? Don’t be silly! I don’t want you to waste your time and get nothing in return! Xiao Lei, when will you listen to me?”

“You’re still as self-absorbed as ever. Everything you say is right while whatever I do is wrong! Why should I listen to you? A Master in Business and Administration? Why should I sacrifice myself to meet his expectations? Why do you always compare Qi Feng to me? I don’t understand why you want me to be better than him! I told you I hated administration and I don’t care about Qi Kai. I don’t blame you for not understanding since I can’t really decide on anything anyway!”

Qi Lei grinned apathetically as he stared straight at Wang Qin. His voice sounded impatient. Evidently, he was tired of her!

“You’re starting to relax now, but have you considered me, Xiao Lei? I’m your mother and you’re my only son. What happened after I married Qi Qiming for over 30 years? How did he treat me all these years? You know it very well! I don’t want to see you following my footsteps. I don’t want you to lower yourself before Qi Qiming and Qi Feng! Qi Feng is just a shameful illegitimate child. That’s a fact. If he comes back and takes over Qi Kai, do you think we’d be able to live peacefully?”

Wang Qin took a deep breath as she tried her best to suppress her anger. “You see, like before, Qi Qiming still didn’t give me any room for a breather. Our condition stabilized slightly with Glory World’s Director Xi’s appearance, but he took Gu Lingsha on his side immediately. You’re not a fool. I’m sure you know what he’s trying to do.”

“You’re overthinking. Shasha didn’t do anything. I never mix my personal emotions with work. I know very well what to do.”

Wang Qin’s words made Qi Lei uncomfortable. A cold light flashed in his dark eyes as his expression turned complicated.

“I’ve told you this five years ago. I don’t like Gu Lingsha. Yes, she’s pretty and very capable, but you have to know problems always come from people who are seemingly perfect! Moreover, she’s inclined towards Qi Feng. Going near her won’t do you any good at all! Xiao Lei, as a man you should view the problem more objectively. I always thought my son wasn’t such a shallow person!”

Qi Lei’s smile turned sarcastic. “Really? I hate to disappoint you, but I am that shallow! What’s wrong with liking pretty girls? Shasha knows me well. At least, I feel happy being with her. You always think that I’m not as good as Qi Feng, don’t you? Wouldn’t it prove that I’m better if I can take her for myself?”

“Xiao Lei!”

Wang Qin felt a sudden headache coming on. She touched her forehead as her face turned pale and heaved deep breaths. “You don’t have to tell me these just to trigger me! You know very well that Qi Feng must be alive as well if she’s alive. He’s probably hiding now. We still don’t know what he’s planning! I hope you can stay alert and not lose your senses for just one woman! Gu Lingsha’s appearance at this key timing must mean something!”

“You’re biased against her as usual,” Qi Lei spoke in a mocking tone.

“You’ll find out if I’m biased or I’m telling the truth very soon! Who do you think I’ve been working hard for?” Wang Qin shot Qi Lei a determined look. “I don’t want to see you become like me. I want you to be able to take control of your own life and be free!”

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