The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 875

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Luckily, the Tang Family managed to find Tang Yuansi and wanted to take him home but, at that time, he was unwilling to return. However, his adoptive parents and his two elder brothers were very nice to him. Everyone including her…

He had agreed to return to the Tang Family because he had hoped that this move could help her to forget about him.

Needless to say, he refused to meet her whenever she went to the Tang Family villa to look for him.

What Shangxin did not know was that whenever she was waiting outside the Tang Family villa, Tang Yuansi would be standing a door’s distance away from her, accompanying her silently.

He would stand there until she left…

Afterward, he knew that she was pregnant.

Just like a child, he was so happy that he would hug her and remain so excited that he could not sleep at night. After she fell asleep, he would run downstairs and ask each and every soul in the villa, that was still awake if he was dreaming.

He would mutter incessantly, saying, “I am about to become a father, I am really about to become a father…”

Everyone watched this scene with red-rimmed eyes.

It would be most appropriate to describe Tang Yuansi with these few words, “An intense love that would not last for a long time”!

Even before the assistant had finished speaking, Shangxin was standing at the entrance crying her eyes out.

She could not say a word as she whimpered.

Her tears made Tang Yuansi’s heart ache so badly that he could not sit still. As he supported his body and tried to sit up, the needle on the back of his hand poked through his veins and resulted in a reverse flow of his blood with just that slight movement…

“President Tang!”

The assistant exclaimed out loud. However, without hesitation, Tang Yuansi removed the drips on his hand and started to get off the bed.

He hurriedly walked to Shangxin. Then, he cupped her face with both hands and wiped her tears anxiously.

He mumbled words of comfort to comfort her, just like he had when he was young.

“Xin’er, don’t cry. My Xin’er is most obedient, don’t cry…”

Shangxin burst out in tears the moment she heard his voice.

They flowed uncontrollably…

The more Tang Yuansi wiped her tears away, the more tears she produced. In a state of panic, he lowered his head and kissed her lips. However, Shangxin immediately pushed him away.

“You are a liar, don’t touch me!”

Shangxin howled in tears.

When Tang Yuansi heard this, he stood rooted to the ground with his hands clenched into tight fists.

He stared at her guiltily and dared not approach her.

The assistant sensed the impending doom as he stood by the side.

Miss Shangxin was still raging even after he had helped President Tang to explain everything so thoroughly. It seemed as though they were about to get into an argument now.

However, President Tang was still standing rooted to the ground. Didn’t he know that a girl actually wants to you coax her even though she has rejected you verbally?


Indeed, the observers are more anxious than the person involved!

The assistant was worried to death…

Just when the assistant was wondering if he should head forward and persuade them, Tang Yuansi, who had been standing rooted to the ground, suddenly pressed against his chest and squatted down.

His face was ghastly pale and his thin lips were tightly pursed together… He was displaying a painful look on his face.

Was this… a relapse?

The assistant was still staring blankly into thin air, Shangxin, who was in a fit of rage earlier on, rushed forward worriedly to support him.

“Brother Xiaosi, don’t scare me, Xin’er will stop being angry. Xin’er will stop being angry if you are fine…” Shangxin screamed in tears and was so terrified that she spoke incoherently.

The assistant finally realized what was happening and rushed to the bedside to press the emergency button.

The doctor rushed over immediately, and after checking him, he put the intravenous drip back on Tang Yuansi’s hand.

“Indeed, a young man fears no death. Going through an emotional turmoil is the most important thing that a patient, who had just undergone an operation, should avoid. Instead of lying down to rest, he actually had the guts to remove his drips and get off the bed. No doctor would be good enough for such a disobedient patient…”

The doctor-in-charge was really furious this time round; he did not even bother about the fact that Tang Yuansi was the biggest shareholder of the hospital and scolded him right away.

There were several times when Tang Yuansi had wanted to insist that he was fine, but all of his attempts were brushed off by the doctor.

“President Tang, pardon me for the lectures, but you can’t try to act like a brave man all the time. With this current condition of yours, I am afraid that I would laugh my head off if you dared to say that you are fine!”

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