The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 876

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Awkwardness filled the air.

It continued until the doctor had put the drips on again and, after ensuring that he was fine, got ready to leave.

Shangxin seemed to have snapped back to her senses as she shouted, “Doctor, can I have a chat with you?”

“Xin’er…” A streak of worry flashed past Tang Yuansi’s face. Just as he was about to say something, Shangxin reached out to cover his mouth. At the same time, she threatened him and said, “If you want to continue stopping me from understanding your condition, I will smother you to death with a pillow!”


A glass of hard liquor versus a cup of plain water version 3.0 was gone. This time around, it had turned into a series of “there’s a shrew in the house”.

Shangxin’s threats were useful.

Tang Yuansi was not afraid of death, but he was afraid of her making angry.

Especially when her tears flowed right before him after she cried out of anger. That feeling was worse than getting smothered to death.

He could only watch helplessly as she followed the doctor to his office.

With a look, he gestured to the assistant to follow them.

As the assistant got to the door, Shangxin pulled it closed and shut him outside the office.

He could only stare at the ceiling with a look of desperation.

In the doctor’s office.

Shangxin closed the door. After she was sure that the assistant could not overhear their conversation from outside, she anxiously walked up and asked, “Doctor, what exactly is wrong with Brother Xiaosi?”

Shangxin tried her best to calm herself down and asked more reasonably, “I know that he has congenital heart disease so it’s hard to have him fully cured. Furthermore, he has had multiple operations in the past. I heard that the reason for this relapse has got something to do with the failure of his last operation. I want to know what is happening.”

“You are Shangxin, right?” The doctor suddenly asked when he heard what she said.

Shangxin was taken aback. However, she immediately realized, after she spotted a magazine sitting on the office desk, she was featured on the cover of that magazine.

The doctor smiled and said, “Don’t misunderstand, this magazine belongs to my daughter. She really likes you and she always sings your praises, to the extent that she even lectured me. She told me that I cannot be an old and traditional man, and remain unaware of anything else other than studying medical science. During her last visit to the hospital, she especially brought me a magazine with you on the cover page.”

The doctor paused and continued speaking.

“Actually, other than my daughter, President Tang likes you a lot as well. During the first time I resuscitated him, he kept calling out the name ‘Xin’er’. However, I did not know who you were at that point.”

Perhaps it was because of his profession, but the doctor, who was wearing a white robe, easily brought about a sense of security to the people around him.

The casual talks soothed Shangxin’s tense nerves.

The doctor only proceeded to talk about the main topic when he saw that she was no longer as nervous as before.

“President Tang’s illness was not due to a simple reason such as a failed operation… We have tried all the possible treatment methods on him, and I believe the doctor who was in charge of him previously had done the same too.”

The doctor sighed.

“President Tang’s artificial heart valve was changed seven years ago. As there were other problems with his health then, they put a biologic valve in for him. However, everyone knew that there was a time limit for the biologic valve. His heart valve had already suffered serious calcification two years previously, but we thought that he would be fine after another heart valve replacement. But in actual fact, the condition of his heart was way more complicated than any of us had imagined and the series of problems that popped out after the surgery were all very thorny!”


“To solve the problem of the shortage of blood in his heart, we had already performed bypass surgery on him. However, even having done this, his heart was still showing signs of failing…”

The doctor let out another sigh again.

He had a solemn expression on his face.

If the current treatment method did not improve his condition, then he could only wait for his death!

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