The Sacred Ruins Chapter 746

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“Yi Chen, your side and mine had already reached a tacit agreement after the curtains fell over the battle on Earth. We agreed to stop the chaos from the war from then on. Yet you still dare to kill me. Are you challenging the same existing principle we have? The ultimate powerhouses at the heaven-illumination realm are jointly defending the order of the universe. Do you want to make an enemy out of all of us!?”

The angry roar coming from the Netherworld Race’s old ancestor shook the starry sky. Every single top-notch person was alarmed. His aura was too terrifying. That surge of energy and aura shook the saints passing by so badly that their blood and qi churned, causing them to cough out large mouthfuls of blood. This was still the outcome even after being separated by an inexhaustible distance.

One could anticipate that even saints were going to explode if they were in close range with him.

“What’s going on? Did this old monster go insane!?” Many people were shocked and still didn’t know that the Netherworld Race had been tragically massacred.


The large cauldron crossed the sky and stars exploded. The old ancestor from the Netherworld Race was drenched in blood from head to toe, and his hair was dishevelled. He was in an extremely sorry state.

The war in the starry sky was still going on, but it was soon going to reach its end.The sagemaster attacked the old ancestor from the Netherworld Race and successfully stopped him. He made it impossible for the old ancestor from the Netherworld Race to return to his race, so all he could do was look on helplessly as his mother planet was being slaughtered.

If another powerhouse at the heaven-illumination realm could rush over in time, the old ancestor from the Netherworld Race would be in danger and would possibly be killed here.

“Yi Chen, you’re challenging the order of the universe each race set down. Do you want the Earth to be enemies with the whole world!?” The old ancestor from the Netherworld Race was really angry to the point that his lungs were about to explode.

He distinctly saw that everything on mother planet was in a mess with traces of blood everywhere. There were countless casualties from his race; every major city and famous mountain was being pillaged thoroughly while the assailants had successfully retreated a long time ago.

This was really a huge embarrassment and disgrace to him; to their race, this was incomparable darkness!

The sagemaster coldly snorted and said, “Killing you is equivalent to challenging the order of the universe? Who can you represent? Are you the order of the universe? Can you represent each race under the starry sky? Also, are you the only one allowed to go to Earth to show off your military strength and attack us, yet I’m not allowed to attack you? You have to remember that this will become a norm in the future. I’ll be hunting you down to kill you as and when I wish!”

“Yi Chen, you’re taking the whole universe to be your enemy! You’re restarting the end of the war! Do you want to break the balance? If that’s the case, I don’t mind killing all of the living beings on Earth from today onward and blow all of them up!” yelled the old ancestor from the Netherworld Race.

“Are you threatening me? Then come! From today onward, I will fight you to my last gasp. I want to see who’s going to be the last one standing. You want to protect this planet, right? Then I’ll make waste to it right away!” shouted sagemaster Yi Chen.

Bang! He immediately summoned planets and all the stars fell like putting dumplings in a pot. Crackling sounds resounded as they crashed into the Netherworld Race’s mother planet.

The old ancestor from the Netherworld Race screamed and his eyes were about to pop out of their sockets. He was furious to the bone as he struggled with all his might. In the end, he suffered another attack from the sagemaster’s Star-studded Whip inside the domain again and coughed out a large mouthful of blood.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Planets spun one after another as they flew toward the Netherworld Race’s mother planet. This was simply more brilliant than shooting stars. They looked abnormally majestic and terrifying.

At this moment, a large hand reached over and searched the void. Other heaven-illuminators rushed over to stop the terrifying catastrophe that was the cluster of planets attacking the Netherworld Race’s mother planet.

Naturally, if this large hand didn’t appear, the order runes interwoven on the Netherworld Race’s mother race could stop a large part of the attack, too, and it was unlikely that the Netherworld Race’s mother planet would be completely destroyed.

But even if that was the case, the shock it inflicted on the old ancestor from the Netherworld Race wasn’t light, either.

“Remember, I dislike being threatened. You dare to kill the disciples of my race with your own hands, so I’ll exterminate hundreds of planets under your Netherworld Race’s control right away! I’m not going to leave a single one behind!”

“You intolerable bully!” bellowed the old ancestor from the Netherworld Race.

“I’m an intolerable bully? I think you guys have made it a habit of being overbearing. During the war that year, you guys massacred ancient Earth. You guys haven’t cleared this debt until today. Yet now, you think you guys are the only ones who can attack other people, but you feel embarrassed once the others attack your regions. This is truly shameless logic!”


He brandished his Star-studded Whip and struck in the direction of the Netherworld Race’s mother planet again. In a split second, six moons outside the planet where the Netherworld Race resided upon exploded, and the outer realm turned into burning flames.

The Netherworld Race’s mother planet was attacked the same time the Star-studded Whip landed. Mountains and rivers exploded and huge cities crumbled. A few powerful cave dwellings crumbled to pieces and a large amount of evolvers died tragically. They turned into blood mist even before they could groan.

“Stop!” howled the old ancestor from the Netherworld Race. He was so anxious that his eyes turned completely red.


The sagemaster didn’t stop; he continued brandishing his Star-studded Whip. The Netherworld Race’s mother planet found someone to lay down countless domains and the planet’s will was resisting as well, but even so, they sustained serious damage in the first instance.

In just this moment, the mountains and rivers on Netherworld planet collapsed and cities crumbled. The loss they suffered was too tragic.

“Stop, Yi Chen! We can talk about everything. Just stop right now!” howled the old ancestor from the Netherworld Race.

At this moment, a total of three heaven-illuminators had rushed over. If they really wanted to make a move, it would be a threat to the sagemaster. Thankfully, he had the Demon Ancestor’s Cauldron at hand!

“Yi Chen, my Dao friend, you can stop,” someone said.

At the very end, the war here had calmed down. The sagemaster understood that it was unrealistic for Earth to want to face off against the alliance formed of various powerful alliances in the universe at its current state.

He was sighing lightly—so many allies of earth were killed in the ancient war. Many brilliant characters and their races had vanished forever back then. Otherwise, some of them would definitely be heaven-illuminators right now.

He dragged his remains to recover and became a heaven-illuminator in the end. Not to mention a few people who originally had hope because without the battle from ancient times, it really was unimaginable exactly how strong those affiliated with Earth could be now!

Now, Earth hadn’t done their preparations and still couldn’t make an enemy out of the world. As such, this battle could only come to a halt.

The old ancestor from the Netherworld Race roared and charged toward that planet in the distance. All he saw on the ground was blood. It was too horrifying.

At the very least, half of the evolution cities and cave dwellings of powerhouses on this planet were destroyed. There was a sharp decrease in the population; they suffered a tragic loss.

He estimated that the strength of the Netherworld Race as a whole had decreased by sixty percent at the very least.

“Yi Chen, you…” The old ancestor from the Netherworld Race hardened his heart. He wanted to say a few threatening words, but in the end, he opened his mouth and didn’t open it again. His eyes only shone with flourishing ferocious light.

He swore that he would definitely go to that White Bone Land and think of a way to awaken that remote ancestor. He had been in a deep slumber for countless years so he wanted to bring that person back to life.

He was only an emissary guarding that land harboring the bones of the dead. He had already become an old ancestor now.

“Yi Chen, Dao friend, I think we should discuss the order of the universe. It’s not good that battles have been starting too frequently as of late. You should know that the primal chaos within the dilapidated universe isn’t tranquil—it is nurturing a great creation and has a great crisis at the same time. When the time comes, it will have a deep and long-lasting impact on us over here. We can’t create a riot now,” said a woman at the heaven-illumination realm in a gentle voice.

“I’m not interested in listening.” The sagemaster turned around and left, disappearing in a split second.

He had a cold expression on his face. What order of the universe? They were just conventions and restrictions set down by those who benefited from them. The order before the war on ancient Earth wasn’t like this.

“Dao friend Yi Chen, are you rejecting our good intentions? Are you not willing to let your mother planet merge into this universe’s system?” someone asked coldly.

“Fellow Dao friends, you’ve all seen this already, right? They want to challenge us and trample over the rules of the universe that’s been set in place. There’s nothing to be said. We should join hands and kill him,” sneered the old ancestor from the Netherworld Race.

“If you guys don’t accept this, you can come to Earth. I’ll wait for you and fight you guys as and when you please!” replied the sagemaster. With a cold smile on his face, he said, “But let me remind you guys that once the battle has begun, let’s attack with no regard for the price we will have to pay. After all, we don’t have anything anymore. Which one of doesn’t have hundreds of planets brimming with life under their control? You guys even have countless planets with resources on them. If you want to start a war, you shouldn’t hesitate to do so!”

He swaggered off and only left the image of his back to them. He left a message saying that if they didn’t accept his ways, they could fight him and he would be waiting for them on Earth!

The shock every race in the starry sky felt wasn’t light. The sagemaster dared to stop the old ancestor from the Netherworld Race alone. Moreover, it hadn’t been that long since the war outside Earth came to an end.

For a moment, every land across the universe was shocked. Everyone was conscious of the fact that Earth had really emerged and it was actually taking the initiative; it dared to look for trouble with the powerful race ranked eleventh in the universe right away with the intention to kill their old ancestor!

The more people thought it through in detail, the more emotionally moved they were. Many old antiques sucked in a cold breath!

But they could only sigh. Four great powerhouses at the heaven-illumination realm had appeared on a planet, not to mention one was more ruthless and impressive than the other.

These people were all masters who could hold their ground and achieve success when they attack!

Now, this kind of lineup was definitely the standard of the top ten. Who wouldn’t be afraid or tremble with fear?

At this moment, the people still didn’t know that Uncle Ming and the rest had laid waste to the mother planets of the Deity Race, Spirit Race, and the Machineal Race. Only news of the tragic and unexpected calamity the Netherworld Race suffered had spread, but they mistook it as the outcome of the sagemaster’s attack.

“I dare say, if there are a few powerful saints on Earth, they can definitely attack the opponent in those days. Additionally, if Yaoyao were to be resurrected along with the rise of Demon King Chu in this young generation, even the top ten would simply need to be on the alert and defend with such terrifying strength.”

“It’s a pity they’ve been cut-off and lack the corresponding strength of those at the level of saints. If that wasn’t the case, the Deity Race, Spirit Race, and Xilin Clan will be in danger.”

When a group of old saints heard such discussions in the universe, they smiled and didn’t say a word.

That was because many people had accepted Uncle Ming’s invitation and had temporarily came to Earth as guests. Naturally, the main reason was to avoid the development of things. After all, the major incident they were a part of was too shocking!

“Yaoyao, quickly take the immortal medication! I hope it’s effective because it is something that I look forward to day and night. I’ve always been thinking that it’s fine if I can reduce my lifespan as well as long as you can be resurrected.” There were old tears in Uncle Ming’s eyes.

He was Yaoyao’s teacher who initially imparted his knowledge onto her. He too watched her grow up and treated her like his daughter.

If Yaoyao had matured from ancient times to present, she ought to be at the heaven-illumination realm a long time ago and would certainly be a peerless existence. She was that breathtaking that year and was known as number one under the starry sky. This fact was universally acknowledged and no one was dissatisfied with this. She would raise her hand and suppress those who objected to this.

It was a pity and lamentable. Every time Uncle Ming thought of this, he would clutch his wrists and let out a long sigh, and he too wanted to cry.

The herb required to bring Yaoyao back to life was too shocking. The common divine medicine had no effect at all. Only the combination of the Myriad Star Grass, Nine Orifice Calamity Crossing Flower, and a few items that only appeared in the legends from ancient times could work.

At this moment, everyone was very nervous. They didn’t know what herb Yaoyao’s grandfather requested from that woman beneath Kunlun’s abyss and whether it could bring her back to life.

“There’s even the Myriad Star Grass!” exclaimed Chu Feng. He treated the Myriad Star Physique as a huge medicine and extracted the essence of all the blood medicine just for Yaoyao.

At this moment, the starry sky that was initially in fervent discussion and couldn’t be silenced suddenly erupted because someone discovered that something was amiss where the Deity Race was at. When the race’s ally went to pay them a visit, they were shocked to discover that the mountains and rivers on Deity planet was dyed with blood. The number one major city had turned into a wasteland. There were countless casualties amongst the disciples of the race and the main gates of the ancestral city were tightly shut.

“Oh my god! The heavens have been pierced!”

“Someone massacred the Deity Race! This is the first serious matter that has shocked the starry sky! Who did it!?”

The people who had gone forth to investigate what was going on were overly shocked. They turned around and ran at the very first instance because they didn’t dare to wade in muddy waters. After the news spread, the galaxy was boiling.

Numerous people were shocked. They headed toward that area to suss out what was going on.

Not long after that, news that shocked the heavens spread through the Spirit Race, Machine Race, and Xilin clan. Someone had assaulted the mother planet of a few races so horrendously that one couldn’t bear to lay their eyes on them with blood dying the rivers and mountains.

Everyone was dumbfounded. Who did this? This was too shocking. These races were powerful races that were renowned in the universe. Their position hadn’t wavered in so many years, yet they sustained such a huge calamity in a single day.

Everyone had their suspicions as to whether this could be the work of the top ten.

A huge explosion rumbled across the vast starry sea; the most serious earthquake in the universe had occurred!

At this moment, a few races in the universe’s top ten were startled because someone was wielding their race’s sect-guarding weapon and was about to set off on their way. They had their eye on a few pieces of large fatty meat, yet… someone went ahead and made their move first?

“No! If someone made a move, we have to attack too and when we do, we should still be able to have a share of the bowl of soup. At the very least, we have to try and seize the Deity Race’s breathing technique!”

Someone wielded an ultimate weapon. Those who could be ranked in the forefront of the universe wanted to launch an attack at the Deity Race’s mother planet.

A race at this rank naturally belonged within the strongest lineup. Not only did they move the hearts of their family, the other families actually couldn’t stand it any longer anymore as they prepared to attack!

The universe was in disarray today and couldn’t quieten down. Everyone still didn’t know that the evolvers on Earth had caused everything and made everything erupt!

“Who did this? Logically speaking, the suspicion placed on Earth is the largest. After all, they have a feud and a dead hatred with those few races. But if the four experts at the heaven-illumination realm on Earth don’t make a move, it’s only right that they shouldn’t have that kind of strength yet.”

“It definitely isn’t the evolvers on Earth. My guess is that there are ulterior motives to this. But won’t I know the answer when I head over to take a look later on and question the survivors of the Deity Race, Spirit Race, and Xilin Clan?”

At this moment, Uncle Ming faced the mirror on Earth and cleared his throat as he prepared to voice his views.

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