The Sacred Ruins Chapter 748

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After many people were informed about Jun Tuo’s complaints, they wanted to burst out laughing. This Asian mythological beast had received such resentment. He actually ran amok in the personage protection association and strongly asked for the hoodlums to be punished to restore his reputation.

“Ancient saint Jun Tuo, quell your anger. We don’t think this is considered to be a misdeed. On the contrary, your fame is rising and your name is travelling across the starry sky.” Someone tried to gloss things over.

If not, they really had to go to Earth and hunt hoodlums. Who would dare to do so? What place was that now? That was a place where ultimate powerhouses at the heaven-illumination realm entered and couldn’t come out!

“Do you know how to speak in human language? What are you saying? Are you trying to anger me to death?” Jun Tuo slammed his hand on the table. Primal chaos qi surged violently around his body as he spat his saliva to the point where that person’s face was covered in it.

Thankfully, Gu Sanming, the vice-president of the personage protection association, was a saint, too. If not, that powerful energy shock would definitely break his body into pieces and he would die right then and there.

“Dao friend Jun Tuo, you have to think positively. You can’t be too pessimistic in life. Think about it. Even though you’re not in rivers and lakes, rivers and lakes have always been spreading your name. Do you know why? Prestige, popularity, and wealth! What’s of most value now? All that you own now. Have you not seen those singers in the universe? And those beautiful female celebrities? They want to walk all over the place from time to time and create various kinds of subjects as the focus of the conversation. What are they attempting to do? Attract attention, win attention, and gain popularity from there. With all these, they can flourish for a long time and it will never weaken. They will then have prestige and wealth. As such, Dao friend, you shouldn’t be resentful. Look at this from another angle. This world is so beautiful.”

After Jun Tuo heard all that was said, he was rather angered and almost spat out blood.

He had obviously been wronged and was lodging a complaint here, yet he had half a bowl of hot and numbing chicken soup for the soul poured over him.

His chest was heaving and he was violently gasping for breath. He stared at Gu Sanming and really wanted to give him a pimp punch passed on from his ancestors!

In the end, Ancient saint Jun Tuo walked off in anger. He had no way of staying in this place. They were all people who were glossing things over and weren’t people who handled affairs. He was so angry that he wanted to destroy the copper tablet hanging outside the personage protection association.

“Master Jun Tuo!”

He had just walked out of the main hall where the personage protection association was at when someone came forth and greeted him. He was very passionate and invited Jun Tuo to the side. To his surprise, the passionate man wanted to talk business with him.

“What is the meaning of this?” Jun Tuo was very alert.

“We, the Kaiyuan Weaponry Pavilion, want to collaborate with you. We want to use your name to launch a Jun Tuo ancient shield. What do you think? Sigh, don’t hit me. Business isn’t right without benevolence and righteousness. We’ve prepared a saint-ranked shield for you as compensation. Ah, murder! Help! Jun Tuo is killing people!”

Saint Jun Tuo had an ashen face. He chased and attacked that quasi-saint across most parts of the planet and only gave up in the end for fear of the other party’s powerful backers.

What was this called? The fire burning in the pits of his belly was beyond compare.

“Dao friend, you saw it right? Popular people have wealth following them. You are no longer in rivers and lakes, yet they are spreading your name. Look at this from another angle. This world is so beautiful.”

The vice-president of the personage protection association, Gu Sanming, sent him off. When he watched Jun Tuo walk into the wormhole, he emphasized this again and waved at him.

Jun Tuo was so angry that he almost turned around to attack him right away to fight him as if his life depended on it.

Someone recorded this and spread it. After which, countless people didn’t know whether to laugh or cry in the starry sky. Some people observed a moment of silence in tribute on ancient saint Jun Tuo’s behalf, yet there were those who envied him, too.

At this moment, a shocking piece of news was spreading. The Deity Race’s ancestral city was under attack. An ultimate weapon was colliding with it, cracking that city wall, and it was about to explode.

At this moment, no more words needed to be said. People guessed that this must definitely be the handiwork of those amongst the top ten with the intention to rob the Deity Breathing Technique.

It had to be mentioned that the Deity Race’s ancestral city was too sturdy. It could withstand the assault of powerhouses at the heaven-illumination realm. It was made out of countless precious materials and jewels that had been compacted to form an immortal city.

On this day, the Deity Race suffered the assault of four powerful races at the very least in a row. The city walls finally crumbled during one of the stages!

“Do the heavens really want to kill my Deity Race!?” cried an elder from the Deity Race. He looked up at the sky in utter despair.

Now, the ancestral city was starting to crack. There was only a complete protective light shield left. It was made out of energy runes and was protecting the central region of the ancestral city.

This was the land where they offered sacrifices to their ancestors!

Now, everyone had retreated and were staying here, but it couldn’t hold on that much longer. This place was definitely going to explode too.


The doorway to the ancestral city exploded. Those walls built from precious materials and jewels couldn’t withstand the continuous attack from the ultimate weapon and kept breaking apart.

At this moment, four powerful races that were each wearing their own masks of devils, divine demons, and angels charged in and occupied a region of their own.

“Hand over the Deity Breathing Technique!” said a man in a low muffled voice as he shouted a command for the Deity Race to yield.

“Ancestor, deities of the primal chaotic Deity Palace, do you know what is happening over here? Hurry and save your grandchildren!”

A group of old people with disheveled hair and bodies covered in blood gazed at the sky. Every single one of them was incredibly sad and indignant.

“You bunch of indiscriminate murdered!” shouted someone as they glowered at the intruders.

A man wearing an angel mask laughed sarcastically and said, “When your Deity Race attacked ancient Earth that year and massacred other kinds of races in the hundreds, wasn’t it like this, too? Once the positions are changed, you guys can’t stand it anymore?”


He attacked and smashed out with his fist. He hit the light screen to the point where it surged and was about to explode.


A resplendent silver divine stele flew over in the universe and turned into a shockingly long awn; it was too quick. It was suspected to be a time fragment that had emerged and entered this planet before falling in the ancestral city.

A loud sound rang out and the silver divine stele landed here, suppressing this area.

At the same time, a decree appeared on the silver divine stele as it floated up. It was written in the most ancient divine language in the universe. It was concise and comprehensive, and the meaning was extremely clear and simple.

When they saw the decree, no one was allowed to exterminate the Deity Race nor were they allowed to attack this land. If not, the Deity Palace in the primal chaos was going to send their troops and exterminate the assaulters’ races and massacre their mother planet!

There weren’t many words, but the general idea was such. It was extremely emphatic in warning every race and those who dared to exterminate the Deity Race’s ancestral city that they had to pay the price with blood and their whole race was going to be exterminated!

“Ancestor, paramount deity, an old man like you finally shows your spirit. Your incompetent offsprings kneel before you to welcome your decree.”

Many people from the Deity Race rejoiced when they saw this scene in their moment of despair. A few old folks were overjoyed to the point they shed tears. They led their clansmen as they kowtowed together.

“Ancestor, why aren’t you personally descending. Many people have offended the Deity Race’s dignity today and want to annihilate this land. You should raise your hand to subdue them and kill them!” weeped an old man from the Deity Race. He kowtowed and wished he could invite the Deity Palace’s deity to descend right away so that the deity could sweep away all the opponents they had in this starry sky.

Not far off, the experts from a few races who breached the Deity Race’s ancestral city all had serious expressions on their faces as they faced the Deity Palace in the primal chaos. They were really terrified and didn’t dare to rush indiscriminately into action.

But when they heard the old man’s words, someone immediately laughed sarcastically and said, “Do you think your race is the only one that has the Deity Palace’s backing? Haven’t you heard that there’s a series of Pure Lands namely the Mituo Temple, Primal Chaotic Divine Demon Palace, and Banished Immortal Cave in the primal chaos? If they really were to have a fight to the death, it’s not certain who would be annihilated and who would return!”

They implied that they also had people backing them and they had confidence, too!

Many people from the Deity Race died as a result of this assault. They exploded atop the city walls and the doorway, littering the place with traces of blood.

“How hateful… I remember when the name of my Deity Race alone was enough to move the whole world and make the four seas in the universe yield. No one dared to be disrespectful to us. I never would’ve thought that someone would practically annihilate my race. How shameful! This is an extraordinary shame and humiliation!”

A few old monsters from the Deity Race howled and their eye sockets were about to rip apart. Seventy percent of their saints had died and not many were left. Their elite disciples were also in the same state. It was too miserable!

In the end, the war came to a complete end. Tranquility was restored in the universe.

The truth about what happened had also spread to the outer realm and sent a cold shiver down every party’s spine. Someone had almost broken a powerful race like the Deity Race and completely annihilated their race; this fact caused everyone to be afraid.

The universe was this realistic. It was just this cruel. Once someone fell behind, there was a possibility that they would become the prey of some powerful race. They would be hunted down and destroyed!

At this moment, the rating institutions under the banner of the Wormhole Express Company and Black Blood Arena gave their final ranking. Practically all the rankings of every planet had changed.

There was no other reason than because the ranking of a planet with living beings on it had rapidly ascended and pressed many races beneath it. They had originally been ranked beyond a hundred thousand and no one could find their shadow. One could even say they didn’t have a ranking.

“We solemnly announce that Earth’s ranking in the universe’s starry sea is…” The Wormhole Express Company and Black Blood Arena reached a common understanding and made revision together as they announced the outcome.


Once this ranking was revealed, every race was stunned no matter how much they had mentally prepared themselves before. The speed of ascension defied the natural order too much; there wasn’t one like this before in history!

They vaulted from a ranking of more than a hundred thousand to tenth place all at once. Their ranking had changed multiple times in a day. They were top fifty first, and then they were top twenty. Now they reached the top ten in a single step.

This… was universally shocking!

The main thing was that someone had replaced the top ten that hadn’t changed since ancient times!

“Were it not for the fact that Earth only has very few saints in their care at the end, their ranking might possibly be higher,” supplemented the Black Blood Platform; they actually brought up such a matter.

To this matter, Wormhole Express Company reserved their opinion and didn’t express their views.

The sagemaster was picky. He didn’t dare to keep the saints from the universe’s black market on Earth. Furthermore, he had only picked a handful of people who broke out of the universe’s black prison, too.

That was because these people were all vicious individuals. It was still fine when the sagemaster was overseeing Earth. In the event that these people stayed on Earth and harmed it once he left, things would be anything but reassuring. Every single one of their kind were arrogant and obstinate; it was very difficult to discipline them.

Rather than letting that happen, wouldn’t it be better if they kept a certain distance and enhanced their relationship for collaboration?

“What about the Deity Race? And the Netherworld Race, Spirit Race, Mechanical Race… What rank are they?”

Many people wanted to know. There wasn’t any suspense for Earth’s ranking since a long time ago. Everyone had long since guessed what the outcome would be. They were more interested in how much the few original powerful races had fallen.

“The Xilin clan is ranked… five hundred and one!”

The Wormhole Express Company announced the Xilin clan’s ranking. This was really a rapid decline; this race had immediately fallen out of the top five hundred and showed great indications of declining.

If not for the support of Wei Heng who was ranked ninth in the starry sky, Xilin clan’s ranking would be even lower!

“The Mechanical Race is ranked a hundred!”

After the Mechanical Race’s ranking was announced, there was a commotion. The race’s Machine Diamond Ape died in battle, yet their ranking didn’t change that much. They even raised a few places in the rankings?

That was because the Mechanical Race could only be considered to be definitely in the top ten previously. Under the majority of circumstances, they were ranked a little more than a hundred and weren’t within the top hundred.

“Even though the Mechanical Race suffered a disastrous loss this time, one matter has been verified. The race’s legendary Origin Diamond Ape is still alive and in this world. He was once an ancient and extremely powerful existence. As long as he is in this world, it is impossible for the Mechanical Race to go beyond the top hundred!” explained someone under the banner of the Black Blood Platform’s rating institution.

Furthermore, they went a step further and elaborated, “Were it not for the fact that part of the Origin Diamond Ape’s body has decayed, their ranking would be so high that it would be shocking!”

They obtained uncertain news that the Origin Diamond Ape’s body had divided into five parts and was hidden within the universe’s five great mother gold mines, lying in wait for a new breath of life. If he succeeded, that would be extremely terrifying!

“The Netherworld Race is ranked forty-nine!” The Wormhole Express Company announced the Netherworld Race’s ranking which amazed people, too. Sure enough, this race was powerful. A big shot had died and so did a bone dragon, yet it could actually still place so high in the rankings.

“Even if the Netherworld Race was massacred, they still have a remote ancestor. He revealed the breath of life that day, and it is verified that he is still alive. As such, they still have terrifying competitive strength!”

“The Spirit Race is ranked fifty-four!” Their ranking had fallen significantly. Although everyone raised their eyebrows at the outcome, no one doubted it either.

The fact that the existence from the Spirit Race who wielded the Divine Blood Banner and caused calamity and chaos in the starry sea that year was still alive; this fact had been verified. He was hiding in some unknown land in the depths of the universe and was treating his injuries. With him around, the Spirit Race wouldn’t decline.

“The Deity Race is ranked… two hundred and fifty-one!”

Finally, the Deity Race’s ranking was announced. This race practically made a nosedive. They fell from their previous ranking of top ten to that of lower than two hundred.

Everyone was in an uproar, but they could understand why, too.

The reasoning was very simple. The powerhouses at the heaven-illumination realm from the Deity Race had been killed off in this battle and not a single one was left. Other than that, this race’s ultimate weapon had flown away, too, and its whereabouts were unknown.

The reason they could still rank so high was only because they had the Deity Breathing Technique. If given the time, they still had hope to rise up again!

“Naturally, we didn’t take the Deity Palace within the primal chaos into consideration in our calculations. If not, they’ll appear even more terrifying,” Wormhole Express Company added on.

There was a commotion in the universe. The new structure of the great powers had taken shape. Earth emerged too quickly and violently to the point where everyone didn’t dare to believe that they could return to the top ten in such a short while!

Based on this development, they could still ascend and their rankings could move a step forward!

The next day, a sensational piece of news spread through the starry sea and caused countless people from every race to go mad.

The powerhouses at the heaven-illumination realm in particular. All of them were practically on the verge of leaving as they wanted to charge into the primal chaos and burst into that dilapidated universe!

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