The Silly Alchemist Chapter 314

Reanimated Spirit (2)

The seventh princess didn’t laugh not because she didn’t want to hurt Lanyu’s feelings. Usually, she would’ve laughed harder than anyone else. This time she couldn’t because she was involved.

Ye Lanyu said ‘we’ so Ye Lang’s ‘violent and unreasonable’ was also meant for her…

“...” Ye Lanyu’s face turned red. She wanted to pinch him to death! How could he insult her in front of everyone again!

“Cough, Zhiqing, please continue. Ignore them!” said the princess to temporarily cease the matter.

“It was like this…” Ye Zhiqing briefly explained what had happened, starting from why she was here.

“...” Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess gave each other a look when they heard why. They knew they were partially responsible for this because they’d forgotten everyone else once they saw Ye Lang.

That as why while Ye Zhiqing talked, they also sent a messenger to send Strongman’s team a message, at the same time telling him about Ye Lang being here. Ye Lang was one of their team members after all.

Ye Zhiqing continued, “At that point, I knew I couldn’t fight the duke and his men alone, so I wanted to alert the people inside. That’s when I broke the gate’s roof with a dual-fireblade…”

“The Light Riders then arrived, and when they saw that I was the one who made the hole, they thought I was here to cause trouble, and I thought they had kidnapped you all…”

“And that’s how we started to…”

“That poor gate! It’s been broken twice now! But at least my signboard is still alright…” Ye Lang mourned for the gates, at the same time relieved.

“You mean the sign for the House of Confusion? I think…” Once Ye Zhiqing heard him, she started to say something meekly but mumbled the rest of her sentence.

“Sir, your signboard is here…” Coincidentally, a guard passed by. He was about to send what was left of the signboard to the kitchen as firewood.

Ye Lang looked at the four pieces from the signboard, then said, “From this afternoon?”

“No, we’ve already burned the pieces from this afternoon. This was from tonight!” The guard shook his head.

“Fuck! Which bastard did this?! What did my signboard do to offend anyone? It was broken this afternoon and now this! No, I must make another one tonight!” cried Ye Lang. He decided he was going to make another one himself.

“...” Ye Zhiqing fell silent.

“Thud!” Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess smacked him at the same time. It was obviously not to stand up for Ye Zhiqing, but…

“What’d you hit me?!”

“Who did you call a bastard?!” questioned Ye Lanyu.

“The person who broke my sign-- Ah---” She smacked Ye Lang again.

“I broke your sign, so what now? You’re calling me a bastard?!” she glared at Ye Lang.

“I didn’t call you one, I’m cursing the person from tonight, not you!” whined Ye Lang, feeling wronged.

“...” Ye Zhiqing felt even more upset. She should’ve just told him she was the one who broke his sign!

Ye Lanyu pinched his cheek, “You said ‘and’! You meant the afternoon one too?!”

“Did I say that?” he replied, “then it was a mistake, I blame the tea…”

“Thirteen…” Ye Zhiqing couldn’t stand it any longer.

Ye Lang turned to look at her, “What?”

“The person who broke your sign... It was me…”

“...I didn’t say anything, I’m going to bed!” said Ye Lang abruptly, then disappeared.


That kid…

“Brother, you haven’t finished your story yet, don’t go to bed…” Ye Lanyu ran after him, wanting to talk more.

“No, I’m sleeping! I’ve gotta treat patients tomorrow too!” Everyone heard his voice.

“Only a while more…”

“No, I’m tired!” It wasn’t an excuse, he was tired. He had to see many patients every day, and use many medical techniques- it was exhausting.

And he had been maintaining this high level of intensity at ‘work’ every day for a few months! He needed rest more than ever.

“Alright then…” Ye Lanyu nodded. She wouldn’t want him to tire himself out, he was still her baby brother, she didn’t want him to suffer.

A few days passed. Ye Lanyu, the seventh princess and Zhen Xiaoyan all couldn’t bear to watch him work like that. They knew they shouldn’t think that, but they didn’t want Ye Lang to continue living like this.

When they first arrived, they couldn’t tell how exhausting his work was. A few days later, they noticed this problem so to lighten his burden, they too helped out at the House of Confusion.

While the seventh princess and Ye Lanyu weren’t alchemists, they were good at management and administration. Matters of the House of Confusion were all neatly systemised and very well-managed.

For this, Ye Lang’s comment was: their families would live very well to have such capable women...

Ye Lang felt it was a very good decision to marry the seventh princess.

To him, marrying a good wife wasn’t about marrying the person he loved most but a capable, independent person. He never thought about anything else.

It was the same as his previous life. All he needed was a wife he could spend the rest of his life with!

The feelings would come. Then again, romantic love wasn’t the factor that maintained relationships between husband and wife, it was understanding and friendship!

It looked as if the seventh princess matched all his criteria. He would rather marry her than anyone else.

Ye Lanyu and the princess were helping out here, while Zhen Xiaoyan was already equipped with skills to help Ye Lang. While she wasn’t family with medicine, she was already an alchemist so she could help made alchemy formations and medicine.

Ye Lang also thought her some medical skills so she could help care for the patients. While she wasn’t as good as Arwen, she was still qualified as a nurse.

The three girls noticed something too, whenever Ye Lang went to bed. It was a small thing to him, but to the girls, it was something they desperately needed an explanation to!
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