The Silly Alchemist Chapter 315

Reanimated Spirit (3)

“Brother, you and that Little Xin seem very close. Forget about sleeping in the same room, you both are together in the shower, in the toilet, what is going on between you two?” Ye Lanyu looked at Ye Lang and then Little Xin behind him.

They were at Ye Lang’s temporary bedroom. The three girls heard from Arwen that Ye Lang slept in the same room as Little Xin, and it wasn’t one or two days- it was every day for the past few months!

This was a serious problem both to Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess. They had to find out what was going on and he would be dead if his answer didn’t satisfy them!

“What do you mean? She’s my Little Xin, it’s that simple,” Ye Lang replied.

“I know, she’s your Little Xin. Ye Kuixin, you even gave her your family name- are you planning to bring her into our Ye family?” if this was said by Ye Lanyu, it would have been normal, but the odd thing was this came from the seventh princess.

Only outsiders would find what she said weird. The Ye family members didn’t find this weird at all.

The seventh princess had always been considered as part of the Ye family, especially after the incident with Zhao Yarou.

“Not just the family name, I gave her a name too! It was simpler to use my family name, but do you want to use yours instead? Zhao Kuixin doesn’t sound as good as mine though. Also, she’s mine, what has that got to do with entering the Ye family?” asked Ye Lang as if there wasn’t a problem with what he said.

“These are names you gave her… What about her original name?” asked the princess curiously. She had chosen to ignore what he just said.

“No name,” he shook his head.

“Her parents didn’t give her a name?” interrupted Ye Lanyu.

“They did, Ye Kuixin!”

“Didn’t you say that was the name you gave her?”


“Then how could you say her parents did?”

“I’m her dad.”


Ye Lanyu and the rest were stunned for a very long time, then finally, with widened eyes, asked at the same time, “What did you say? You’re her father?”

“Yep! I’m her father!”

“...” They fell silent again.

“Brother, are you sure? You mean you had a daughter when you were five?” Ye Lanyu patted his shoulder, “tell me, who is Little Xin’s mother?”


This sister was as ridiculous as her brother. The rest didn’t know what to say. How could his daughter be so old?!

“What? Sister, is your brain broken? I didn’t mean father like that, I made her!” Ye Lang stared at her in disgust, as if he didn’t think he was as ridiculous as her.

“What do you mean? I know you made her, you made her with her mother!” she patted his shoulder and very openly said, “tell your sister what tribe she was from. How could she have grown so quickly?”

There were many different races and tribes across the mainland. There was bound to be some tribe who skipped their entire childhood phase into an adult overnight…

While that was unbelievable, it was still impossible for Ye Lang to have a daughter this age…

“She’s from the reanimated spirit tribe, she’s been like this since she was born!” answered Ye Lang. Not sure if he said that because he was annoyed or he hadn’t even noticed where the problem was.

“Reanimated spirit tribe? That’s such an odd name for a tribe!” Ye Lanyu had never heard of such a race or tribe.

Zhen Xiaoyan suddenly added to finally reveal the answer to this problem. “I know, Little Xin is an alchemy reanimated spirit! She’s the spirit Ye Lang made! This is awesome, I can’t even tell she’s a spirit, she looks exactly like a real person!!”

“Spirit?! Alchemy?!” the girls muttered, then there was a sudden cry… “Ah!! How is that possible?! She looks exactly like a real person, how could she be…” The girls started to examine Little Xin, poking here, pulling that. The closer they looked, the more unbelievable it was!

Little Xin was too perfect, Ye Lang had made her outer appearance as flawless as clothes made by the heavens! [Note: a Chinese saying]

“Ye Lang, you’re not lying, are you?” Zhen Xiaoyan was an alchemist too, but she couldn’t find any giveaways. Little Xin was exactly like a real person.

“Why would I want to lie? Look at where her heart is, there’s an emergency button there. With a few steps, it will reset Little Xin to her initial settings. This is a precaution,” said Ye Lang as he started to unbutton her shirt to reveal… At least the ones watching were all girls…

“Where? I can't see it! I can only see her breasts…” They were all looking for the button but they couldn’t find it.

“What do you mean? There’s a very obvious button right there!” said Ye Lang.

“What, other than the… You mean…” Ye Lanyu blushed. She was very close to hitting Ye Lang.

“Yep. That’s the one. This is the only way to make her look perfect. There isn’t another suitable place for a button to be, it is the best place!” explained Ye Lang as if it was a very normal thing.

The girls turned red, all turning to smack Ye Lang. “You pervert!”



Ye Lang didn’t press the button to show them because it was only meant for emergencies. After this incident, the girls all believed Little Xin was a reanimated spirit because many other things could be done to prove this fact.

For example, the fact that Little Xin could take off her clothes in front of so many people without hesitation. Also, the fact that she had all the characteristics of a non-living thing: she didn’t eat, sleep or pee!

You wouldn’t have known, but the more you thought about it, the more obvious it became!
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