Two Faced Husband Have Some Decency Chapter 51

"I'm about to leave," Song Yu said in a hurry. She lowered her head and dared not look at Qi Chengzhi and Luo Yushu. 

When she reached the door, she was sandwiched by Luo Yushu from the outside and Qi Chengyu from the inside. There was only a very limited amount of space left for Song Yu to pass through.

Even if she tried to go through horizontally, she still had to squeeze past Qi Chengzhi.

Their bodies would definitely collide.

Song Yu clenched her fist and seethed when she saw that he was not going to move aside, "Young Master Cheng, please let me through."

Qi Chengzhi smiled gently and leaned towards one side. He did not move away completely, but the space he offered was only sufficient for Song Yu to pass through sideways.

Song Yu lowered her head as Qi Chengzhi kept staring at her with a mocking smile and an intense gaze. It made her scalp tingle and she almost forgot how to walk, making her almost walk with both her hands and foot in sync.

Song Yu walked carefully as she did not want to come into contact with his naked chest. However, the more careful she tried to be, the slower she was and the more she got affected by Qi Chengzhi's gaze. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click wuxianovelonline.com wuxianovelonline.com for visiting.

Luo Yushu had already moved aside much earlier on. He dared not touch a single hair of Song Yu as he was afraid that he might anger Qi Chengzhi.

However, he had a clear view of what was happening by observing from the side.

Their director's gaze was so hungry as if he wanted to swallow the lady whole in that instant.

Even Luo Yushu who was not involved could feel the tingles on his scalp. Imagine the pressure Song Yu was experiencing at the moment.

Suddenly, Qi Chengzhi lunged forward with his body and stuck tightly to Song Yu. Her body was pushed by him against the doorframe.

Song Yu bit onto her lips desperately and lifted her head to stare at him angrily with an embarrassed expression.

How could he act indecently in front of his subordinate!

His solid chest pressed on her tightly. There was something even harder that was prodding her abdomen across the bath towel. Song Yu dared not struggle this time and could only let him have his way.

Unexpectedly, Qi Chengzhi turned around and stared at Luo Yushu, "Why did you push me!"

Then, he took a step back righteously with his head held high and an upright back, as if he knew nothing about what indecent acts meant.

Luo Yushu secretly pouted his mouth at a corner and thought, 'Director, if you want to play innocent, you should at least put on some clothes before you do that.'

Song Yu was so embarrassed and blushed that her face could almost bleed. At that moment, she had no room for manners and dashed out the door without any greetings.

Her room was just beside his. It only took her two strides before she reached her door.

However, Qi Chengzhi did not close his door. Instead, he walked out from his room with only a bath towel around his waist. He stood shamelessly at the hallway and observed how Song Yu fumbled with the keycard with his arms folded across his chest.

Song Yu panicked under the gaze of Qi Chengzhi, and she could not manage to insert the keycard.

Song Yu finally inserted the keycard with much difficulty, seeing that her hands were shaking. "Beep," Song Yu opened the door and rushed into the room before slamming the door in front of Qi Chengzhi.

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