Two Faced Husband Have Some Decency Chapter 52

Song Yu finally inserted the keycard with much difficulty, seeing that her hands were shaking. "Beep," Song Yu opened the door and rushed into the room before slamming the door in front of Qi Chengzhi.

Guan Xiaolin stood at the entrance of the hallway. She wanted to look for Song Yu, but after witnessing what just happened, she turned and left without saying a thing.


Song Yu collapsed onto the bed once she entered her room. Her face was boiling, and Qi Chengzhi's scent lingered in her mouth.

The television behind her was still airing the same Korean drama before she left. The main actor was confessing to the lead actress, his words made her even more restless.

Song Yu turned around just to see that both characters were kissing. No need to mention the restlessness of her heart in that moment.

She pressed her lips tightly and rubbed violently with her fingers until she felt pain. She then turned off the television with a disturbed expression and buried her head into the bed.

The sheets in her house were filled with his scent—even her mouth was filled with his scent!


Luo Yushu left Qi Chengzhi's room in confusion. Earlier on, it was Qi Chengzhi who mentioned that he had some things to discuss. He came, but Qi Chengzhi did not say anything. Instead, he let him watch a documentary film in his room for a while before asking him to leave.

Qi Chengzhi was alone. He wore a pair of long pants but his upper body remained bare.

He sat on the chair at the balcony and lighted a cigarette.

Song Yu confessed outside his door. Although he was pretty sure that was not meant for him, he could still tick all the boxes if he put himself in the scenario.

He was slowly engrossed in his thoughts. She managed to ignite a spark in his heart.

However, he still heard that two disappointing words -- Jian Yi.

He squinted and took a drag on the cigarette.


The next day, Guan Xiaolin went to the buffet restaurant early in the morning. Song Yu had not arrived yet, but she saw Jian Yi.

She took some food and sat down at Jian Yi's table.

Jian Yi was all alone. He simply glanced at Guan Xiaolin when she sat down and kept his distance.

"Jian Yi, when did our relationship become so strained," Guan Xiaolin put on a long face. She thought about how Jian Yi was still so close to Song Yu, but not to her. She was not very happy about that. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click wuxianovelonline.com wuxianovelonline.com for visiting.

"I'm full, you take your time," Jian Yi put down his chopsticks. There were still two Xiaolongbaos and half a serving of fried noodles left untouched.

"Do you really dislike seeing me? Are you happy if the one you met was Song Yu? You're all smiles and grins towards Song Yu, but you treat me like this. If Song Yu knew about you and…" Guan Xiaolin's expression was cold but the way she leered was unsettling.

Jian Yi sprung up and shot her an unfriendly glance, "Eat your food!"

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