Two Faced Husband Have Some Decency Chapter 53

Jian Yi sprung up and shot her an unfriendly glance, "Eat your food!"

"I just wanted to tell you that Song Yu came out from Qi Chengzhi's room last night." Guan Xiaolin's words halted Jian Yi's footsteps and got him to sit down again.

Guan Xiaolin smirked in satisfaction. She had never seen such a tensed expression from Jian Yi before, and she continued, "I planned to have a chat with her last night, but guess what? I saw her running out of Qi Chengzhi's room with her hair and clothes all messed up. Her face was bright red as if she had done something she shouldn't. Qi Chengzhi came out with her and stood at the hallway. He wasn't wearing anything except for a bath towel."

"Both of them are single. Based on their disheveled look, what else could they have been doing?" Guan Xiaolin shook her head as if she was disappointed and in pain, "I can't understand, is Song Yu so desperate to close this business deal? How could she do something like this."

Jian Yi pulled a long face. When he was about to defend Song Yu, Guan Xiaolin broke into a friendly smile and waved to the back of him, "Song Song, we're here!"

Song Yu nodded in acknowledgment and proceeded to take her breakfast before sitting down.

When Song Yu was eating her porridge, she noticed that Guan Xiaolin kept looking at her from time to time—causing her to accidentally bite her tongue.

Song Yu could not eat in peace with Guan Xiaolin acting like this.

Guan Xiaolin licked her lips before asking embarrassedly, "Song Song, I went to look for you last night, but I saw you came out of Qi Chengzhi's room. Both of you looked a bit…" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click wuxianovelonline.com wuxianovelonline.com for visiting.

"Song Song, you wouldn't do that for the business right…" Guan Xiaolin bit her tongue, but the insinuation was obvious.

Song Yu closed her eyes and her facial expression turned cold. When she lifted her head again, she looked at Guan Xiaolin with an extremely stern look. One could say that it was a little distant. "I wouldn't sell myself no matter what. It's just a business deal. If I lost, it's because I'm not up to par. I'm all for transparency and integrity when it comes to competition. Never once was I involved in unorthodox methods, nor will I ever exchange my body for business."

"Yes, it's true that this business deal is very important to me, but I would never sleep with Qi Chengzhi just to get that deal. That's what you were implying just now right? Also, Qi Chengzhi became who he is now because he's not the kind that would indulge in desires and neglect work. If he gave the business to whom he slept with, both of us don't have the chance to fight for this deal. He doesn't need to use deals in exchange for the company of women. He already has so many women in his bed, he doesn't need me at all."

"If you saw clearly last night, you'll notice that Manager Luo was also at the doorstep. Even if Qi Chengzhi was really in the mood, he wouldn't have done it in front of a subordinate," Song Yu said coldly.

Guan Xiaolin smiled awkwardly in regret and said softly, "Song Song, that wasn't what I meant. I'm just afraid that you'll be taken advantage of, I…"

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