Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 992

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“Heh heh, looks like you finally detected something! The Atavism Dragon Soul actually appeared in a human, what tremendous irony! If I didn’t guess wrongly, you definitely wasted several hundred years of time in your past life, all the way until this life, did you come across another lucky chance and cultivated the dragon race’s cultivation method, right?” The white tiger spirit actually started gloating over someone else’s misfortune.

One could tell that this white tiger spirit was actually somewhat jealous!

Without a doubt, Atavism Dragon Soul and Perfect White Tiger Physique were both extremely rare among the Four Great Divine Beasts’ population. And the Atavism Dragon Soul’s degree of rarity was even higher compared to the Perfect White Tiger Physique.

Originally, confirming White Light’s Perfect White Tiger Physique, Ye Yuan was also very happy for him. But he did not expect that he actually became some Atavism Dragon Soul.

“Senior Sacred Ancestor, what in the world is the Atavism Dragon Soul?” Ye Yuan could not resist asking a second time.

“Humph! Do you think I’ll tell you? Want to know, go to the dragon clan and ask!” The white tiger spirit said with a cold snort.

Ye Yuan could not help choking up when he heard that. This white tiger spirit was actually throwing a tantrum. Was this guy in front of him really the White Tiger Clan’s Lord Sacred Ancestor?

But at this time, the white tiger spirit’s figure suddenly gradually became faint.

“Time is up. You all protect this boy well. Make sure not to have the limelight surpassed by the dragon race! This sacred ancestor is going!”

Done talking, the light on the white tiger spirit gradually became dim, and finally turned into nothing.

When Ye Yuan saw this scene, he was speechless for a long time.

Did not think that entering this land of ancestral spirits, he actually encountered this sort of thing.

He thought about it, clasped his hands, and asked Fan Lin, “Senior Fan Lin …”

He did not even finish asking yet when Fan Lin stopped Ye Yuan from continuing to speak with a hand gesture, and said meaningfully, “Even Lord Sacred Ancestor wasn’t willing to say. You brat, don’t make things difficult for me! This matter, don’t bring it up again!”

Ye Yuan was at a loss for words and could only give up.

But right at this moment, White Light suddenly let out a groan. A terrifying white tiger pressure instantly exploded, filling the entire great hall!

White Light slowly opened his eyes. Standing in the air, he seemed like a high and lofty king, showing disdain for all life.

Fan Lin’s expression changed, and he immediately revealed a look of wild elation.

He bowed deeply towards White Light. The other tomb guardians also revealed looks of admiration on their faces too. They bowed down together with Fan Lin.

“Congratulations to Young Patriarch for passing the sacred ancestor’s test, breaking through to sacred rank bloodline!” The group of tomb guardians said in unison.

White Light slowly nodded his head and said, “Fan Lin, this time … I really have to thank you!”

Currently, Fan Lin’s attitude towards White Light was like two different people, compared to before. He said respectfully, “This is where our tomb guardian lineage’s duties lie. Young Patriarch doesn’t need to be overly courteous.”

White Light nodded his head but did not say anymore. He floated down and stopped beside Ye Yuan.

“Big Brother, I didn’t expect that under our random stumbling, I actually obtained a massive lucky chance in the land of ancestral spirits!” White Light said to Ye Yuan smilingly.

Towards White Light’s present situation, Ye Yuan was very surprised too.

White Light’s strength increase was not high. But the white tiger bloodline pressure released just now was clearly more than a level stronger than king rank bloodline.

Ye Yuan knew that sacred rank bloodline was extremely hard to attain among the current demon races.

In an era, there might not be one person who was able to reach it!

But after White Light accepted the white tiger spirit’s baptism, he actually directly broke through to sacred rank bloodline!

This was a very terrifying improvement. Because one more step after sacred rank bloodline was divine rank bloodline!

One he reached divine rank bloodline, White Light would be able to break through to Deity Realm, and became a true divine beast!

This lucky chance could not be said to not be high to White Light.

Ye Yuan could refine pills to let White Light have breakthroughs in cultivation realm. But the bloodline of the demon race, he was powerless to do anything.

This was an intrinsic factor. No medicinal pills could help.

White Light’s bloodline had reached king rank long ago. But there was still a tremendous distance from sacred rank.

One had to know that even the White Tiger Clan’s patriarch might not be able to attain sacred rank bloodline too. But after the white tiger spirit’s test, White Light actually directly advanced to sacred rank bloodline!

If not for so, it was also impossible for Fan Lin’s attitude towards him to have such a huge transformation.

“Haha, you, brat, are truly the White Tiger Clan’s young patriarch now! Sacred rank bloodline, once this news is made public, the Demon Region will definitely be deeply shocked.”

White Light breaking through, Ye Yuan was naturally happy for him too.

But White Light said with a smile, “White Light being able to have today, isn’t it still all thanks to big brother? If without big brother, I’d probably have had my young patriarch candidate rights stripped away long ago at this time.”

White Light’s heart was like a clear mirror and knew that all this was given to him by Ye Yuan.

Disregarding past matters, this time, Ye Yuan helped him to clear his name first, then helped him to redeem his love, and also entered deep into the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan to rescue Fang Xiao’s parents.

Everything and everything, he bore it in mind.

Although Ye Yuan did not say, White Light understood in his heart that Big Brother was surely shouldering a tremendous grudge.

One day in the future, he would definitely have to offer a portion of strength.

“However, don’t Big Brother want to know just what kind of existence the Atavism Dragon Soul is?” White Light looked at Ye Yuan and said with a smile that was not a smile.

The moment Fan Lin heard, he could not help turning pale with fright as he hurriedly tried to stop it, “Young Patriarch, Lord Sacred Ancestor he …”

White Light rolled his eyes at him crossly and said coolly, “Is he close with me, or is my big brother close to me? Furthermore, Lord Sacred Ancestor is already not around. Even if I tell Big Brother, he won’t know either, don’t worry!”

Fan Lin could not help choking up when he heard this, so he retreated to the side embarrassedly.

The White Tiger Clan’s young patriarch was actually close to an outsider to this sort of extent. What could he still say?

These two people’s feelings were excellent until it was simply like they were going to wear the same pair of pants.

If the White Tiger Sacred Ancestor was aware of White Light’s actions, he would probably be enraged until he stomped his feet, right?

But Ye Yuan was pleasantly surprised when he heard and said, “En? You actually know? Quickly tell! That White Tiger Sacred Ancestor stifled me badly!”

White Light said with a smile, “I broke through to sacred rank bloodline and awakened a lot of inheritance memories. And among them just happened to have the Atavism Dragon Soul’s information.”

Ye Yuan chortled with laughter and said, “That White Tiger Sacred Ancestor deliberately whetted my appetite, but probably never expected that him helping you awaken your bloodline just nice answered my doubts, right?”

This result was simply getting enmeshed in a web of one’s own spinning!

However, White Light reined in his expression and drew a deep breath as he said, “I really didn’t think that big brother actually has such heaven-defying talent! If not for Lord Sacred Ancestor seeing through with one glance, big brother’s talent might really be buried! Even if it’s me, I completely can’t detect the Atavism Dragon Soul too.”

Ye Yuan said uncertainly, “This Atavism Dragon Soul is really so impressive?”

“More than just impressive, it’s simply incredible to a heaven-defying degree! Dragon race powerhouses who possess an Atavism Dragon Soul, as long as they don’t perish, they can keep on cultivating to the founding ancestor’s boundary! Lord Sacred Ancestor’s strength, Big Brother saw it already. Then how terrifying the dragon race’s founding ancestor’s strength is, don’t need me to say anymore, right?” White Light himself also felt inconceivable saying it out.

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