Warning Tsundere President Chapter 501

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Since all the old woman had asked her to do was to stop Yang Yang and Huo Yunting from being together, and now that Yang Yang was gone, which most likely had something to do with Huo Chen, she might as well further flame the rift so that Huo Yunting would cut ties with Yang Yang for good.

Huo Yunting stopped in his tracks with disbelief. He felt as if a truck laden with boulders was running over his heart, crushing it into pieces.

So, what she did was to ultimately run away with Huo Chen? Her care, kindness, and everything was just acting?

Huo Yunting laughed.

Xue Yuming was scared stiff seeing his reaction. She did not even dare to breathe but stayed silent for fear that she might say something wrong and he would strangle her to death.

Standing in the same spot for a long time, Huo Yunting suddenly turned around. His movement was much slower than when he first came in.

When he finally disappeared, Xue Yuming leaned against the closet, grabbing her chest and gasping. The feeling of cheating death caused her to slide down and sat on the floor.

Huo Yunting trudged down the stairs, absentmindedly. The old lady immediately got up from the sofa. “Yunting, what did you say to her?”

Huo Yunting seemed to have just come out of his daze. Closing his eyes for a moment before he turned to look at her worried face. “I don’t know where they are, but I will find them.”

“Bring them back to me!” The old lady grabbed his arm. “No, just Huo Chen. Leave Lu Zhaoyang alone. She is not worth it!”

“Indeed. She is not worth it,” Huo Yun’s face was expressionless. He gently took her hand off his arm and left.

The old lady saw that Huo Yunting had lost his wits, she stumbled back a few steps. The maid, who was quick to notice her loss of balance, held her up from falling.

Huo Yunting had flown back to the city. Back in his villa, he felt empty inside, although he was not alone. Perhaps, his heart had been hollowed out.

He saw the white cane that he had wanted to give to Lu Zhaoyang this morning on the couch. “Huo Li!”

“Brother Ting!” Huo Li rushed out with his notebook. “I have found the whereabouts of Second Master. It seemed that they did not bother to cover their tracks. They have just landed in the United States. Should we—”

“Let’s talk tomorrow.” Huo Yunting said. What could he do even though he had found her? What did he keep her for when she did not love him?

He knew that he was running away from reality but he just did not want to face it just yet.

Huo Yunting saw in the corner of his eye the white cane on the sofa. He wanted to ask Huo Li to take it away but changed his mind and brought it upstairs after some thought.

Huo Li regretted. He should not bring back the white cane from the hospital. What if he could not bring back his wife, would the white cane not become an eyesore that always reminded Brother Ting about her?


Washington, USA, at 10 am.

Lu Zhaoyang, who just got off the plane, knew that the weather was good. She could already feel the heat of the sunshine by just sitting inside the car. Unfortunately, her world was in darkness.

Huo Chen, who sat beside her, looked at her with such sweet, gentle eyes. “We will arrive at our place soon. We will only go to the hospital after having our meal.”

“Mhm.” Lu Zhaoyang could only follow what he said since she had already come. She had recharged her batteries after sleeping all the way on the plane.

Now, arriving in a new environment, she was full of hope and looking forward to regaining her eyesight here.

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