Warning Tsundere President Chapter 502

Chapter 502: Giving Up On Finding Her I
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Arriving at the destination, Huo Chen held her and thoughtfully explained the layout of the house to her.
“The overall color is white, which is your favorite. It is a duplex with a small garden on the ground floor. I have specially planted the orchid that you like in there.”

Huo Chen opened the door and walked into the living hall while holding her all the while. “The living room is pretty empty. There is nothing here except cushions all around. This is to make sure that you will not hit into something accidentally.”

He patiently took her for a house tour. Lu Zhaoyang listened and memorized carefully. She found that the new house was indeed pretty empty.

Walking in the middle of the living hall, she suddenly stopped. “Chen, I wish to have a couch. At least, I have a place to sit. It would be even better if there is a TV so that I can listen to sounds even though I cannot see. I will get used to it later.”

“You will regain your vision. Do not ever think of getting used to it.” Huo Chen held her hands while his voice was firm. He then brought her to the open kitchen and help her sit down.

“Stay here while I cook.” Huo Chen wanted to keep her within sight.

“Mhm,” Lu Zhaoyang replied. The thought of not being able to help was depressing.

After a while, she could already smell the appetizing dishes on the table. Lu Zhaoyang had a small plate in front of her and held a spoon in her hand.

Huo Chen pulled the stool closer and sat next to her, ever ready to feed her.

“No, I eat it myself,” Lu Zhaoyang said.

“Are you sure?”

“Let’s try. After all, I cannot always depend on others. It is only my eyes that cannot see, not my hands.” Lu Zhaoyang took a deep breath. “It smells so good; I am hungry already!” She tried to make the atmosphere more cheerful with a smile. And then she started to eat.

After managing to scoop a few grains of rice with the spoon and delivering it into her mouth, Lu Zhaoyang broke out in laughter.

Huo Chen chewed silently, tears starting to build up in his eyes. He intently closed his eyes to force the tears away before picking up the dishes with his chopsticks and put it on her plate.

“I can help myself.” Lu Zhaoyang said. Before this, it was Huo Yunting and her caregiver who fed her. But now, she had no reason for Huo Chen to take care of her in such a mundane task. The way forward for her was to quickly adapt and be independent.

“All right.” While eating, Huo Chen’s eyes were always on her. Lu Zhaoyang might be eating very slowly, but she had a smile on her face all the time. This was somewhat infectious and Huo Chen could not help simpering. He was no longer the youngest star general of Z Country in front of Lu Zhaoyang.

After the meal, the two rested for a while. And then Huo Chen drove her to the hospital.

Lu Zhaoyang first underwent preliminary examination for record purposes and then the rehabilitation. After that, she would have to wait for the right cornea.

It was not until the evening that the two arrived home. Lu Zhaoyang heard the maid conversing in English as soon as she entered the doorway.

Huo Chen had hired someone to redesign the living room according to her likings, and now it was no longer as dull as when they first came. His action had always been fast and efficient.

Lu Zhaoyang was grateful to Huo Chen. But other than that, she could not give him anything in return.


Meanwhile, back in Z Country, Huo Yunting was alone at home, drinking a lot of wine last night.

It was not that he liked to drink, it was just that he could not fall asleep if he did not get himself drunk.

He woke up late the next day. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw the white cane leaning against the bedside table.

Laying on his side with his eyes closed, the scene of Lu Zhaoyang unable to see and of her holding on to him frantically immediately came to mind.

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