Warning Tsundere President Chapter 503

Chapter 503: Giving Up On Finding Her II
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As darkness fell upon her, she felt helpless and wanted to hold on to someone.

Now that Huo Chen was with her; could she rely on Huo Chen as much as she could not do without him?

Huo Yunting was sleepless with this thought lingering in his mind. Upset, he whipped away the silk quilt and got out of bed.

Huo Li had been waiting downstairs since early in the morning. He had brought with him the intelligence.

Finally, the person whom Huo Li had been waiting for had came down. He followed Huo Yunting to the dining hall.

“Brother Ting, you can first have your breakfast, I will talk as you eat.”

Huo Yunting shot him a glance. “What are you doing here? To irritate me?”

“Absolutely not!” Had it not been for business, Huo Li would not have come here to get snubbed. “I found the exact location of Second Master. They have also checked in to the best hospital in Washington. Brother Ting, when are we going there?”

Huo Yunting remained silent, glimpsing at the odd little table in the large dining hall with a groggy face. He swapped out the original long dining table because of that woman. It seemed that there was a hint of her past in every corner of the house.

Seeing that he was silent, Huo Li waited patiently.

Huo Yunting sat down. Even the exquisite food in front of him could not stimulate his appetite. He did not even want to lift his hand.

Yesterday, he had thought of grabbing her back and keeping her beside him before punishing her for her betrayal.

But after thinking for the whole night, he had come to grips with his feelings. His love for Lu Zhaoyang was so deep that he was even afraid of thinking about it.

Looking at her face and her eyes, he could not bear to do any of the cruel things that he had imagined in his mind to her.

It was said that time was the cruelest antidote. Perhaps it could allow him to slowly forget his uncontrollable feelings toward Lu Zhaoyang.

What was more, the most important thing now was to treat her eyes.
If he brought her back, and it would only exacerbate the problem until they both suffered a mental breakdown.

He did not wish to experience that feeling anymore because it was too much to bear.

“Mr. Huo, the old lady is on the line.” A maid suddenly came over from the living room with the phone, interrupting Huo Yunting’s train of thought.

Huo Yunting took the phone and answered with a normal tone of voice. “Grandma.”

“Yunting, is there any news? Where did they go? Once you have found him, bring him back, even if by force!” The old lady still sounded angry; there were no signs of her calming down.

Once was bad enough. Now, Huo Chen did it for the second time all for the sake of the freaking woman, Lu Zhaoyang.

“Huo Chen is a soldier. It is not so easy to find him. But Grandma, don’t worry, I will bring him back once I find him. I am busy right now. Hanging up now. Take care.” Huo Yunting was not in the mood to talk to the old lady, and he hung up at once.

“Go to the office. And recall your men,” Huo Yunting said.

“Hey, Brother Ting, you still have not eaten anything!” Huo Li scratched his head while following closely behind him. Brother Ting did not eat his breakfast, nor did he want to find his wife. What was wrong with him? He apparently knew the whereabouts of Huo Chen and Lu Zhaoyang, but why did he lie to the old lady?

Huo Yunting ignored him and took the jacket from the maid and drove to the office by himself.

Now, he could only immerse himself in work so that he could spare his mind from those things that he should not have thought about.


The different time zone seemed to make Lu Zhaoyang think that time was passing quicker.

She and Huo Chen had been staying in the US for over half a month.

There was still no good news from the hospital. All Lu Zhaoyang could do was wait patiently, go for regular checkups and rehabilitation treatment to prevent her optic nerve from atrophying.

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