Young Master Gu Please Be Gentle Chapter 242

Chapter 242: You Know Exactly How You Got the Position of Madam Gu
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Gu Mohan spoke bluntly and Lu Qi’er was stunned.

But she recovered herself quickly and smiled before replying, “Mohan, I’m already your fiancée. I’m going to become your woman tonight.”

She would only hand over the antidote if she became his woman.

“Ha.” Gu Mohan forced a spurious laugh out of his throat and looked away, then spoke into the phone, “I’ll go over later. For now, I’ll leave her in your care. You’d better not do anything foolish.”

If Huo Beichen dared to touch her, he would skin him alive!

Gu Mohan hung up the phone call and placed his cell phone in his trouser pocket. There were two people walking towards them, it was Gu Tianling and Huo Yanmei.

Lu Qi’er looked at the two of them elegantly and nodded in greeting. Although they weren’t officially married yet, she had already changed her way of addressing them. “Dad, Mom.”
Gu Tianling nodded his head in acknowledgement as Huo Yanmei instantly held Lu Qi’er’s tiny hand. “Qi’er, you and Mohan should rest early tonight and work hard to give me a grandchild soon, your child will be the successor to the Gu group.”

Lu Qi’er broke out into a pleasant smile and looked shyly towards Gu Mohan. “Mom, I understand. I’ll work hard with Mohan.”

“Dad.” Gu Mohan greeted Gu Tianling, then returned to the room.

Huo Yanmei signalled to Lu Qi’er and she entered the room shyly, while full of expectation.

The room door closed.

Along the corridor.

Gu Tianling looked at Huo Yanmei and said coldly, “I’ll hand everything over to you, I’ll be leaving first. ”

Huo Yanmei’s face darkened and she retorted almost immediately, “Gu Tianling, you’re going to leave so quickly after making an appearance at your son’s engagement ceremony. Are you treating yourself like a VIP? It’s late now and the rain is so heavy, where are you going? Did you bring your mistress to Karghalik with you?”

Gu Tianling gave Huo Yanmei a cold-eyed stare. “It’s not the first day you figured out that I have a mistress outside, why are you being calculative? Don’t think I’m unaware that your illegitimate daughter is with Lu Yan!”

That was the greatest humiliation for Gu Tianling as a man. Regardless of whether he truly loved Huo Yanmei, Huo Yanmei was his lawful wife and she had cheated on him.

An’an was like a fish bone that was stuck in his throat that he hadn’t been able to rid himself from. Over the years, even looking at Huo Yanmei was troublesome.

“Gu Tianling, how dare you blame it all on me. After we got married, all you did was leave me alone every night. You’re worse than a phantom! If it wasn’t for your cold treatment, would I have gotten drunk and had sex with another man?”

Gu Tianling felt this woman was ridiculous. “Huo Yanmei, you know exactly how you got the position of Madam Gu. If it wasn’t for your best friend Xuanji, would you even have had the chance to be in my presence?”

His words stabbed at Huo Yanmei where it hurt the most, pulling her into a trance. Those memories from 20 years ago had passed in the blink of an eye, but now they came flooding back into her mind.

Yes, she had become close to Lin Xuanji when she was younger. Back then, they even became best friends.

Lin Xuanji had great talent in jewelry design and she, Huo Yanmei, was the eldest daughter of the Huo family. As she was more interested in business management, she handled the business operations and marketing while Lin Xuanji was in charge of all the designs.

Together they had created DHA and pushed the brand towards the international world together.

But what happened in the end?

The success of DHA was irrefutable. But everyone knew that DHA belonged to Lin Xuanji. Why was her name left unknown and forgotten?

Not only that, they had met the young master of the Capital’s Gu family, Gu Tianling. She had fallen in love with Gu Tianling, but Gu Tianling had no interest in her. He was completely and utterly infatuated with Lin Xuanji.

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