Young Master Gu Please Be Gentle Chapter 298

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Lu Yan’s perfectly crafted face instantly darkened, glaring at An’an with his brown eyes. Displeasure and disapproval were reflected back at her as he silently warned her about her actions.

An’an lowered her head and continued eating the milk pudding without another word.

Tang Mo’er then walked out and smiled. “Hello everyone, I’ve prepared dinner. Tonight I’ll be serving… blanched vegetables.”

The maid brought out a large pot and a generous portion of vegetables.

Han Xiaowan instantly piped up, her voice full of disdain, “Miss Tang, you’ve only prepared blanched vegetables? You don’t even need culinary skills to prepare blanched vegetables. How dare you even serve like this? It’s disrespectful to the competition itself!”

Tang Mo’er raised her brow while looking over at Han Xiaowan. “Miss Han, you can choose not to eat what I’ve prepared, but I’d strongly recommend that you don’t. Blanched vegetables help with weight loss, you’ve gained some weight since I last saw you, haven’t you?”

Gained weight?

Han Xiaowan instantly lowered her head to take a look at her figure. Women were the most sensitive about people commenting about their weight gain.

“Mo’er, I want to have blanched vegetables!” Almost immediately, Lin Shiyu went to sit beside Tang Mo’er.

The culinary skill contest was a popularity competition, whoever received more votes would win. Without the basic necessities, there was no way she could turn something out of nothing. The only thing Tang Mo’er could prepare that was palatable was blanched vegetables. Shiyu was her best friend and she would definitely support her, though she wasn’t certain about the others.

On the other hand, Lin Ruoxi had began to cook and the aroma had diffused all the way from the kitchen to the dining room. The smell alone was causing everyone to salivate.

“Mo’er, I’ll have the blanched vegetables too.” Su Zhe sat down as well.

Tang Mo’er instantly smiled at Su Zhe to express her gratification.

The smile on her lips had caused two people to feel uneasy, one person being Han Xiaowan.

Although Han Xiaowan was already Mr Meissen’s woman, the truth was she still couldn’t get over Su Zhe. In all aspects, Su Zhe was better than Mr Meissen, whether it was personality, education level or appearance. Moreover, she had suffered a miscarriage for Su Zhe, seeing that Su Zhe was still protective of Tang Mo’er, she couldn’t help but feel her heart twist in bitterness.

Another person who was displeased was surprisingly… Huo Beichen.

Huo Beichen snorted, why did he feel unhappy when he witnessed Tang Mo’er smiling at her ex-boyfriend?

He hurriedly got up and sat beside Tang Mo’er.

Tang Mo’er looked at Huo Beichen, full of suspicion. “Young Master Huo, are you sitting in the wrong spot?”

Shouldn’t he be sitting beside Lin Ruoxi?

Huo Beichen crossed his legs while behaving impatiently, rushing her along with a king-like attitude. “Hurry and cook, I’m hungry!”


Someone else walked over too. An’an held her bowl in her hands and sat down.

Tang Mo’er looked at An’an, she wasn’t even 18 years old, but already behaved like an ice princess. She had a heart that was just as exquisitely made as the snow in the winter.

Tang Mo’er used her chopsticks to pick up a huge piece of steak, placing it in An’an’s bowl. “An’an, you must eat more meat.”

She wasn’t sure whether it was because An’an was Gu Mohan’s little sister, or because this girl just invited sympathy, but Tang Mo’er was very fond of An’an.

By now, half of the crowd had gone over to Tang Mo’er’s side.

Lu Yan didn’t move, he continued his conversation with Mr Meissen while they drank. It wasn’t clear what they talked about, but when Lu Yan laughed, his eyes exuded the enigmatic charisma of a mature man.

Fu Qinglun stood up as he received a call in a dark corner of the dining room. Perhaps he was dealing with work, and he placed one hand in his trouser pocket, leaving everyone to mull over his perfect back view.

Han Xiaowan clenched her fists in anger. She had anticipated that Tang Mo’er would lose the contest, but two of the wealthy families were already on Tang Mo’er’s side.

There was still Fu Qinglun to go, but since Lin Shiyu was on Tang Mo’er’s side, Han Xiaowan couldn’t predict which side he would eventually lean towards.

Biting her lip, Han Xiaowan gave the waiter a signal.

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